Special Items and Pricing

In addition to our regularly priced service, we offer a few special services and licensed products. These include:

Exclusive Authored Content

Total Social Solutions offers exclusive authored blog articles.  Please review blog article pricing and scheduling details, and then contact us to purchase.

Strategic Consulting

Total Social Solutions offers strategic consulting hours on an as-available basis.  Total Social Solutions’ strategic consulting rate is $400/hour.  Please contact us to arrange a service agreement and to get started.

Aesthetic Medical iPhone App

Total Social Solutions offers an iPhone app designed to promote your aesthetic medical practice. Discounted pricing is available for marketing services customers, and the standalone app is available for licensing at $4,000 per year.  Contact us if you are interested in licensing the standalone app.

Site Rebranding

We start out every marketing services agreement with a thorough evaluation of your social media marketing spaces, and an overhaul of existing marketing messaging and branding. Should your business rebrand through the course of your marketing campaign, our team will execute this rebranding on every supported social media space.  This is priced at $1,000/rebranding for existing customers. Please contact us to initiate this process.

SMS Messaging

Existing marketing clients can purchase SMS Messaging credits for appointment reminders.  Please contact us to discuss the details of your needs.

Advertising budget management

Facebook advertising is a fantastic way to market products, or to collect highly targeted potential customers for your brand. Total Social Solutions will manage your advertising budget for $300 per month, with a 3 month minimum. Please contact us to discuss your advertising goals and how to achieve them.

Yelp budget management

Our team has been testing Yelp advertising methods since 2011. Over time we’ve developed the winning strategy for your Yelp ads.  The typical customer will triple his advertising ROI using our system. Yelp’s salespeople will tell you that it can’t be done… because they don’t want you to know about it.  Please contact us to discuss how you can maximize your revenue using Yelp.