Should medical aesthetic practices be on Pinterest??

Pinterest is the hottest social media platform out there. It’s red-hot amongst women, who are 90% of the target market the aesthetic practices are going after.

Based on this alone, you’d assume that aesthetic practices NEED to be on Pinterest… Not quite.

Our team has been doing a lot of research to see if Pinterest is a social media platform that medical aesthetic practices can actually monetize. In fact, our team has authored two articles on the topic:

The business platform that Pinterest has in place is one that makes more money for companies that sell goods, rather than services.  This article from Inc. magazine hypothesizes on the financial inner workings of Pinterest, and why some businesses are upset with the platform.

So should a medical aesthetic practice get on Pinterest??

It depends.

In fact, I love this infographic…which lays out a very well thought-out decision tree that is consistent with our team’s current thinking.  The bottom line is that if a practice wants to begin establishing a brand personality that is about something that is well-represented by something tangible (other than a before and after photo); or, is interested in driving product sales through their website…then yes, Pinterest may be a good option. We are experimenting with a couple of these models to generate a proof-of-concept before rolling this out to clients.

In summary, we don’t yet see a compelling  reason that an aesthetic practice has to be on Pinterest….yet. But the target following is there, and if there’s a way to make it work, we’ll let everyone know!

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