A customer recently asked “What is the demographic of Facebook users?”

When you consider building a social network for your social marketing campaign, a better question may be to ask “How deeply has Facebook penetrated my target demographic?”  Remember, unlike letter-bombing a zip code or spam-mailing a mailing list, Facebook helps you to build and manage the relationship with your existing and future customers.  

The best way is to ask. Ask 10 of your best clients “Are you on Facebook?  How many of your friends are on Facebook?” Do the same for a group of clients for which you are not capturing enough business from today (i.e. if you’re trying to capture more business from a particular demographic, find out if they’re on Facebook).

Without polling your clients, there is still information that can help.  Social Media Today shows that more than half (37M) of the female users of Facebook are 26-54 (which I believe encompasses many aesthetic medical practice’s target demographic) and that there are 80M female Facebook users in the US (well over half of the total population of 145M). 

Specifically, the breakdown looks like:

Income-sliced data was not available at Social Media Today, but it is at Digital Buzz Blog (see below).  I’ll bet if you just ask your customers if they have Facebook accounts, you’ll get at least 80% “yes.”  I’d be surprised if you have other marketing channels that are so well targeted…

What about Yelp? Yelp users are slightly skewed toward females – this document shows Yelp as 55% female.

DigitalBuzzBlog shows that Twitter had, in 2010, just 1/5th the quantity of users as Facebook did. However, Twitter boasts a higher percentage of users in higher income brackets.  

Know that we at TSS are constantly scanning this information so you spend your marketing dollars on acquiring the right customers.


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