The truth is, there is a bewildering array of social media marketing outlets available. To mount an effective marketing campaign you have to choose the right media, and deliver the proper content to that media.

Your social marketing report card from Total Social Solutions is a great first step. The report is a concise, pointed evaluation of your past performance on social networks and draws on over 20 years of sales and marketing experience to evaluate your practice’s strategy.

The report card is important for 3 reasons:

1) Focus – the TSS social media marketing report card is focused on the social networks that matter. Your performance on Friendster is not going to be an item of discussion.

2) Depth – the report card looks beyond participation into the quality of the participation.  We know the types of activities that are proven to bring results, and you’ll be able to get some insight into the same thing by using your report card.  

3) Relevance – our team is specifically looking for activities that are known to work within the medical practice industry.  Our results are designed for you, and rate your past activity against our best practices.

Contact us today for more information on how we can build a social media report card for your practice.


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