Our mission is to help business owners capture a guaranteed ROI from their aesthetic medical marketing campaigns via social & interactive media.  We help build engaged communities that are avid brand advocates and deliver measurable business results.

If you are a business owner or medical aesthetics practice manager, what this means is:

  • More visits per client
  • More new clients
  • More purchases of different products and services from each visit
  • More referrals from each client

Our marketing team will deliver an effective, high-ROI social media marketing campaign.

Why interactive and social media for aesthetic medical marketing?

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Email – More than 1 trillion emails per day
  • Facebook – Nearly 1 billion users
  • Twitter – 130,000 tweets PER MINUTE
  • Yelp – Over 1 million reviews per month
  • Google+ – 100,000,000 users in less than a year.

Why Total Social Solutions for your medical aesthetics marketing?

We are the first interactive marketing firm dedicated to the field of medical aesthetics. With over 70 clients (and growing), we are the experts in aesthetic medical marketing for medical spas, plastic surgery clinics, dental offices & products, and national health & beauty brands.

We know what makes a Facebook user click “like,” and a Twitter user retweet.

We can help you turn your brand into a true community of rabid fans, followers and reviewers who are eager to share your posts with their networks, check-in to your office and tell the world, and come to you instead of your competitor down the street.

How we help

  • Our team will help recruit your existing clients into your social spaces to help your community flourish;
  • We’ll author relevant, engaging content on your social spaces that are non-promotional to encourage engagement, increasing your popularity on the social networks;
  • We’ll deliver tested and proven promotional messages;
  • We’ll teach you how to make Yelp work for your business, handling negative reviews and increasing positive reviews;

Contact our medical aesthetics marketing team and let’s get started building your guaranteed ROI on social media marketing today.