It started with the opening of a new aesthetics practice in one of the most competitive cities in America. The need for a unique, low-cost marketing strategy that could pull in leads quickly and efficiently was high. Luckily, social media was emerging as an effective way for businesses large and small to market themselves to an audience that was more connected than ever.

After the tremendous success of that first practice, located in Santa Monica, California, Total Social Solutions was born as the first and only social media agency dedicated to the field of medical aesthetics. Since that day in November 2011, Total Social Solutions grew from provided social media services to a handful of medical aesthetics practices to becoming a full-service internet marketing agency for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medical spas, and even phlebologists all over the United States.

The Benefits of Working with Total Social Solutions

A Unique Agency Experience

Total Social Solutions is a cloud-based agency that hires experts in internet marketing, social media, copywriting, graphic design, and web design & development from all across the United States. Each and every one of us is experienced in our fields and have spent countless hours becoming experts in writing and designing for medical aesthetic practices. Reporting to team leads and then ultimately to the managing director and owner, who works directly with each and every client, gives our clients the personal touch they’re looking for in an industry with frequently rotating account managers and points-of-contact. As a result, we also limit the number of practices we will work with at any given time to ensure quality service and delivery with a personal touch.

Our Founders

Total Social Solutions was originally founded as a partnership between MBAs Jake Laban and Christopher Hall in Las Vegas, NV.

Fresh off of his position at Allergan as the U.S. Head of Aesthetic Portfolio Marketing at Allergan, Jake Laban’s experience with the launch of Botox provided him with the experience and knowledge necessary to open an aesthetics practice with his wife, Lovely Laban, GNP-C. It was through this grand opening and successful launch of Skin by Lovely in Santa Monica that provided Jake with the idea to create Total Social Solutions LLC. He contacted and brought on his long-time friend and Pepperdine schoolmate Christopher Hall to partner with him. Chris’s expertise in business, management, and technology would prove invaluable to round out the successful launch and first two years of Total Social Solutions LLC at its headquarters in Las Vegas, NV.

Our Managing Director and Owner

Shortly after Jake and Chris founded Total Social Solutions, they hired Jennifer Kilkenny, an experienced SEO (search engine optimization) expert, copywriter, web programmer, and social media marketer. Holding a degree in Web Technologies and a unique drive for customer satisfaction, Jennifer quickly rose from Account Coordinator to Sr. Account Coordinator in just 8 months. Five short months later, Jennifer was promoted to Operations Manager. In January 2014, Jennifer acquired Total Social Solutions and has retained her position as owner and Managing Director ever since. She has a passion for helping clients achieve business success and works one-on-one with aesthetic medical practice owners and in-house teams to provide guidance, support, and execute marketing strategies along with the rest of our team around the country.

It’s Easy Being Green

Because Total Social Solutions is a cloud-based agency that allows team members to work remotely from anywhere in the country (and sometimes around the world — we do love to travel!), our agency is greener than many of our competitors. The lack of daily commutes alone cuts down on our carbon footprint, which makes us a friend of the environment.

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Whether it was the story of our founding, our unique agency experience, or the fact that we’re environmentally conscious, if any of these appealed to you and you’d like to talk with us to see if we’re a good fit for your practice, fill out our online form and we’ll set up a complimentary consultation today!


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