Holiday Marketing Tips for Aesthetic Medical Practices

Halloween is just around the corner, which means that Thanksgiving and the Winter Holidays (Christmas, Hannukah, New Years, etc…) will be here before you know it. Is your practice ready for the holiday season? If your practice is like most of the aesthetics practices we’ve worked with here at Total Social Solutions, chances are you […]

Aesthetic Medical Marketing: What NOT To Do

While our team was working on our clients’ content for next month, we happened to stumble onto a website called Plastic Surgery Coupons and it sparked an immediate reaction among our team. This website peddling coupons for plastic surgery isn’t the only offender (although the very thought of using a coupon to discount a breast […]

How are Health Professionals Using Social Media for Medical Marketing?

    We focus a great deal on medical aesthetics when discussing medical marketing on our blog as that’s the niche we’ve carved out for ourselves at Total Social Solutions. While we cater strictly to medical aesthetic practices and beauty brands, it’s important to note that just about every field in medicine and healthcare can […]

"Looking Good on Social Media" cited as a reason for uptick in Cosmetic Surgery business

Photo sharing, LinkedIn profiles, and social media in general are fueling a larger need to look better once only reserved for celebrities frequently on television and in movies. Now that we’re all essentially in the spotlight on our social media profiles, 27/7/365, looking our best is becoming more and more important.  This is especially seen […]

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