Every Facebook "Like" Provides Food for Starving Children

How much is a Facebook post “like” worth?  What about comments and shares?

In order to attract more traffic to their pages, many admins will posts messages encouraging fans to Like, Comment & Share to help a sick child, a starving family, a disabled veteran, an abused dogReal ROI on Social Media

They aren’t asking for prayers, and they aren’t claiming to spread awareness about the disease, hunger, plight of military vets or animal cruelty; they are claiming that each Like, Comment and Share is worth money to the victim in the photo.  How? Because, they claim, Facebook will pay for every action taken by fans.

Of course, most of us know that Facebook won’t donate anything for these actions.  They’ve never agreed to.  The post author is simply lying in order to get sympathy traffic to their page and increase their fans in the hopes of promoting their scam products later on.

That and the moral & legal issue of exploiting an animal or another person for the purposes of gaining more Facebook traffic aside, an important lesson is to be learned here.

Post likes, comments and shares aren’t a bottom-line metric of success…for anyone who is using social media to drive more business.  Each of those thousands of likes doesn’t put one single penny in the bank, let alone the dollar claimed by the original poster.

While these metrics are useful in other ways to garner more traffic and get some of that oh-so-popular word-of-mouth buzz, the ultimate success metric is more money in the bank for your business. How do you know you’re getting this? More phone calls & appointment requests are the best way to measure success for any marketing plan, including newsletters, Google advertising, billboards, TV and radio ads…I could go on. And our specific tracking mechanisms are in place to provide this metric for all of our clients.

Watch the video to see how we measure success on our interactive marketing efforts for our clients:

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What Does the New Yelp Mobile Review Feature Mean for Aesthetic Practices?

Negative Yelp Review in Progress

Angry Patients = Negative Yelp Reviews…right in your waiting room.

Yesterday, I received an email from Yelp announcing its new feature: the ability to leave reviews for a business from your smartphone.

Until today, the Yelp mobile app allowed for mobile check-ins and the drafting of reviews. However, in order to officially submit the review, you had to be on a computer logged into Yelp.

This seems rather tedious, but it had its benefits, including:

  1. Allowing customers to simmer down before clicking submit (we say a lot of things in the heat of the moment we later regret), and
  2. Ensuring that reviews were left at an IP address separate from the business, proving that the review wasn’t left by an employee.

Most people with smartphones will connect to whatever WiFi access they run into, and this includes WiFi that some businesses provide for free to their customers. With the new review feature, our team expects to see many more filtered reviews simply because the reviewer posted from their phone accessing the business’s WiFi and IP address.  Posting from the business’s IP address has long been known to trigger filtered reviews, as it appears to be a fake review left by the business and its employees, rather than a genuine customer review.

To break it down, three things could happen if Yelp doesn’t take appropriate precautions:

  1. Yelp may become further inundated with fake reviews,
  2. More honest reviews could be filtered, and
  3. More negative reviews can be left for businesses before the business has the opportunity to make it right.

We’ll specifically tackle number 3 below:

Quick Tip to Leveraging the New Yelp Mobile Review Feature:

Don’t allow your reception area to turn into a waiting room, or you’re likely to get a negative review before you ever see the patient.  This is an important change, because at least before this feature, you had a chance to make it right before the patient ever had a chance to leave a review.  With this new feature, every second counts.  If your patients are allowed to sit in a reception area long enough to write a review complaining about how long they had to wait, they’ve waited too long.

Of course, this makes it harder to run a successful practice, but if your business prides itself on timely appointments and customer service, this will give you a leg up on your competition, who may begin seeing more negative reviews due to long wait times.

For ideas on how to best leverage Yelp for your business, contact your Customer Satisfaction Manager right away and ask about our Yelp Help training for your staff.

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