We’re often asked “what should I do with my website to make sure it’s integrated with social media?” So often, in fact, that I’m writing this article with 3 simple tips you can implement to make sure you’re taking advantage of social media networking within your internet storefront, as well.

Where to post your icons

Your social media icons should be on the top-right of your site. The de facto standard for people is to look on the top-right of your site for contact information. Since social media is an integral part of how you have dialog with your customers, then make sure your social network entry points are very visible, right next to your phone number.

How to make it easy

When you write a blog or make an announcement, make sure you make it easy for your customers to share this information. At a minimum, makes sure they are no more than 2 clicks away from being able to share your words on social networks that you participate in, as well as email them to their friends.


When you do create new content on your website or blog, make sure you refer to your Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other sites. By making it easy for people to get involved in your other networks, you’ll be helping those networks to grow.

Want to know more about how social media marketing can help your practice? Contact us and we’ll have an expert reach out to you to talk about your social media marketing presence, and how we can help.


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