OK, so you’ve got a network built up, and you’re working on keeping your community engaged.  We all know that some of your posts seem to engage better than others… but which ones are the best? What are the rules for good posts? We’ve assembled 5 easy tips to follow to raise your engagement rate.

  1. Ask questions.  …but only short, easy questions to answer. Social media is brief and bright. Ask questions with yes or no answers, not “why” or “how” answers, and you’ll see your engagement rate skyrocket. Here’s a tip-within-a-tip: steer clear of politics or current controversial events. You never know where that discussion is going to wind up.
  2. Use pictures. Images with comments have a much higher engagement rate than just comments by themselves.
  3. Be relevant. Your followers are fans because you bring something extra to their feed. Try not to dilute your brand by spamming them with a lot of off-topic content.
  4. Bury the lead. Comments like “Who would have predicted this?”, or “I never thought almonds could do that…” encourage people to click through and read the rest of the article.
  5. Be interesting. Bring news, tips, things that people want to know about. Write about questions that you get every day. A click is the ultimate vote that says “I’m interested”, so make sure your content is designed to capture that interest.

Here’s your bonus tip – superlatives. Look at the title of this article. A good title will shout out it’s relevance with words like “amazing”, “outstanding”, and “more”.

You can’t always hit EVERY point on every post, but you should always be evaluating your posts to make sure that they capture as much attention as possible.

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