Whether you’re using social media as part of your aesthetic medical marketing strategy or not, chances are you haven’t been able to see real ROI (Return on Investment) from social media marketing.  In the video below, we discuss 6 common reasons why medical aesthetic practices aren’t making any money from social media, and how Total Social Solutions can be the missing piece of your marketing puzzle.

Six Reasons You’re Not Making Money on Social Media:

  1. Social isn’t a part of your current business process.   You have a system that has worked for you for years, and it doesn’t include posting on Facebook and Twitter.  You have HR issues to manage; advertising on television, on the radio, in the newspaper; you’re busy caring for patients, managing your finances, and just running a successful business.
  2. Social media is time intensive.  Because of all that you already do (which is likely too much as it is), there’s simply no time to “mess around on social media.” That’s why you need a dedicated person or team to handle it for you.
  3. You aren’t investing enough time into your campaigns.  If you are on social media, you’re not spending enough time on there.  You’re only posting once per month, or maybe even once per week.  You aren’t catering to the different social networks and you aren’t working on strategies to really make it work for you.
  4. You aren’t putting your fans and followers first.  Many businesses only post when it’s time to announce a special, a new product, a new service, or a speaking engagement.  This is a mistake.  If all you do is talk about YOU and only ever ask your fans and followers to buy from you, they will tune you out.  You have to be willing to give freely in the form of useful, engaging content.
  5. You can’t keep up with the changes.  The Internet moves incredibly fast. A social network that was relevant 5 years ago (think MySpace) is not even worth your time today.  You have to be quick and relevant, or you’re missing huge opportunities.
  6. Your competitors are ahead of you in the social media space.  If you aren’t on social media, your competitors are, and they are rocking it.  They have established themselves as the local expert, but you should be the local expert!  They just have better marketers.  But you can have better marketers, too. You just need to invest in social media marketing and get your brand and name out there so you can level the playing field with your competitors.

Why do you need to do social media?

Think back on the 90s when everyone was telling you that you needed a website. Did you get that website right away, or did you say, “I’m just going to keep advertising in the yellow pages?” Did you regret that decision? Today, if you don’t have a website, your business doesn’t exist. It’s not going to be too long for social media to be the same way.

What do you need to be successful on social media?

You need skilled copywriters who have the time to blog and write effective content for social media that is interesting, relevant, educational and with compelling calls to action to drive business to your practice.

It’s labor intensive, so you need people who can devote a good chunk of time into not just writing posts for Facebook, but working on strategies and fitting those posts into the social network they’re being posted to. Additionally, your content needs to be focused on what you do in your practice, so you need someone who is very knowledgeable in what you offer in your practice, not just any writer or social media marketer.

  • You need to constantly monitor your social spaces, respond quickly and stay relevant.
  • You need professional visual design and graphics, which requires designers with years of experience.
  • You need cutting edge solutions from people who know how to do this for you, do it the right way, do it the legal way, and make you more money on social media.

Are you able to do all of this in house? Or would it be more cost-effective and easier to let an experienced agency manage your online campaigns for you?  At Total Social Solutions, we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve worked with dozens of medical aesthetics practices like yours, and we’ve been able to increase ROI for all of those practices through social media marketing.

Isn’t it time you found your competitive edge?  Contact us for a free social media evaluation, and let’s get started on the road to your social media marketing success today!


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