UPDATE: April 2020: Jennifer Kilkenny, owner of Total Social Solutions, was interviewed by renowned practice management consultant Terri Ross for her podcast, InTouch With Terri, to discuss marketing during the COVID 19 pandemic. Listen below.


With the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic, businesses are closing their doors and “social distancing” is becoming a part of our everyday language. While we’re all focused on keeping our families safe and avoiding illness, every person is also concerned with maintaining employment and making sure our businesses remain open. covid 19 emojis wearing masks

For brick and mortars like the aesthetics and medical practices we work with at Total Social Solutions, staying open for business will be a difficult task. Some of you reading this will feel compelled to work at local hospitals to assist during this crisis. For that, we should all be grateful and supportive. You are at the front lines of this, and it will not go unnoticed. Thank you.

Will you continue to see patients in your clinic? If so, here is some guidance on ways you can maximize your time and grow your business, even when you face cancellations from patients.

Fill Up Your Lead Funnels

Do you have an email newsletter? Focus your social media content on getting subscribers.

Do you have a blog? Send people to learn more about your services and products.

This is a good time to focus on educating potential patients. If lead generation is not working for you right now, patient education is a good pivot to keep your audience engaged, grow your online followers and subscribers, and be stronger on the other side of the COVID 19 shut downs.

Generate More Digital Content

Start a blog. Write more content for your website. Record video content. Take photos for social media. Whatever you haven’t been doing to grow your in-house marketing collateral, do it now. If you have gaps in your appointment book, this is a good time to grow that content base to improve your search engine optimization and social media presence.

You should also go live on Instagram and Facebook. Host live question and answer sessions from your practice. So many people are working from home. Others just have a lot more time to waste on social media. Be there and offer them the distraction they are craving.

Sell Products Online

Whether you have downloadable digital content for sale or you drop ship skin care products from your website, this is a good time to pivot from promoting treatments and services. Focus more digital marketing content on products so you can continue to generate income in the age of social distancing.

Offer Package Pricing & Gift Card Savings

If patients are calling to cancel, you may want to consider offering them a discount on treatment packages or gift cards which can be used once they are able to return to your practice. This ensures you have money coming in to your practice while also giving your patients the benefit of a discount.

Total Social Solutions is Open for Business During COVID 19

Our team at Total Social Solutions has been remote since late 2013. Our marketing professionals live and work from home in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and across the United States. We even have team members overseas. So yes, we are open for business and do not anticipate any disruption in our services during this health crisis.

In addition to our regular service, we are working with clients to adjust messaging in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether that includes promoting telemedicine services, guidance on hosting webinars, or selling products, our team is here to help you pivot where it makes sense for you.

Please contact us so we can work with you to adjust your marketing.

Please also read more about this topic: Digital Marketing in the COVID-19 Era, at TerriRossConsulting.com


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