Still thinking about how you’ll use reputation monitoring? Here are a few starters to get the ideas flowing.

1. Keep your friends close, and monitor your enemies even more closely

Of course you’re monitoring your personal or company name, but what else would you like to know about? How about your employees’ names? What are your competitors doing with their own PR campaigns? Why not use Total Social Solutions’ Reputation Monitoring to build your PR list or conduct some SEO research?

2. Monitor Facebook & Message Boards

You’re getting full Facebook monitoring and the addition of Forums and Message Boards! Who’s talking about you on Facebook? Find out!

3. Yelp Help

Reputation monitoring will track reviews about you on Yelp (and even competitive mentions of your brand on Yelp).

How are you using Reputation Monitoring? Share your ideas in the comments section (or don’t – maybe your competitors are watching).


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