Thanks to our amazing partners, TSS has enjoyed the good fortune of a tremendous launch year in 2012.

It is a part of our culture here in Las Vegas to use the word ‘partner’ in place of ‘customer’, or ‘client’. It speaks to the approach we take with our customers. We pride ourselves on being goal-aligned with our clients’ interests. We simply are not successful if our partners are not successful.

Alongside of our partners, we’ve developed a new way of approaching the caregiver-patient relationship for the medical aesthetic practice. Together, we are revolutionizing the way that success on social media is measured.

Success on social media cannot be measured by ‘likes’, ‘followers’ and ‘+1s’. Vanity metrics do not equate to business success.

We serve our customers to show measured business improvement of their practices through the two things that matter:

  • More phone calls
  • More appointment requests

It is a privilege to work with our partner practices to create this new vision of what ‘good’ looks like for social media marketing.

But it’s bigger than that. Working together, what we are collectively doing has caught the attention of the major medical societies, conferences , publications, industry partners, and groups throughout the western hemisphere in changing not only the way that success is defined in medical aesthetics…but helping define what the TRUE value of social media marketing is.

The exciting thing about this orientation is that it is so firmly rooted in things that matter, that are tangible. You can’t pay your payroll with ‘likes’, you can’t pay your lease with a stack of followers. Why and how this lone metric has become the defining characteristic of success simply makes no logical sense until you realize the motivators behind it…

Ego & vanity.

Social media marketing is new and scary for many practices. Many practices decide to ‘try things out’ simply out of fear of falling behind. That is a reactive stance to business growth.

We work with our partners to take a more proactive stance that looks at social media marketing for what it really is, a super-charged patient relationship infrastructure.

Now, of course, we’ve learned a few things along the way, and some via the ‘school of hard knocks’. Another important part of our culture is our commitment to make sure that no such incident from the school of hard knocks passes without a significant business improvement that helps shape and craft a better service experience for all of our partners.

Transparency is an important part of any business relationship, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to transparency.

In this spirit of transparency, we’ll be publishing a number of articles highlighting all that we have learned in 2012…the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If you are a client of ours, these stories will give you an understanding of WHAT has happened to cause the changes in your social media marketing package over the past year. If you are not a client of ours, we’d certainly love to speak to you (contact us here), but enjoy the education. In these stories, names have been withheld to protect the innocent (and the guilty).

Thank you to all of our partners for an amazing 2012, and cheers to a prosperous 2013 for you all.

Jake Laban & Chris Hall


Total Social Solutions

Las Vegas, Nevada


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