We have a passion for intellectual property at Total Social Solutions, as you may have noticed.

So when we learned that aesthetic medical practices are finding their before and after photos used on other clinics’ websites, we were absolutely outraged.

Beyond the copyright infringement issues and the lack of integrity, the safety of the public is at stake in a situation such as this. We want to help you make sure your photos aren’t stolen by other practitioners who are trying to pass your work off as their own, putting their patients at risk for serious consequences.

That is why we are now offering watermarking services to our clients, free of charge, to help you protect yourself from theft of your before and after images.

If you are a current client, please contact your account manager for details on how to get started on this free watermarking service.

If you’re not currently a client, find out how this watermarking service can be included in your setup or how you can purchase this service from us as a separate à la carte purchase.  Contact us for more information.

Also, find out how we protect all of our clients from being pursued by lawyers representing stock photo websites and photographers by ensuring that we have the proper licensing for all images we use on their social spaces and website articles.


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