Another Alle® promotion just launched, and every medical aesthetics practice across the country is jumping on the bandwagon to post and promote the latest special offer from Allergan®.

allergan promotion tipsIt’s a great deal. Alle members get exclusive discounts and points that can be redeemed at any aesthetic practice that participates in the program.

Read that again. Alle members can redeem these offers at any aesthetic practice.

So what are you doing to make sure they redeem these offers at your practice?

How Most Practices Promote Botox®, Juvederm®, and Other Allergan Offers

Most medical aesthetics practices simply post whatever is available from the Allergan Brand Box, a marketing portal with a wide collection of social media graphics, videos, and more. Each Alle promotion is made available for your staff and marketing team to download and post to your social media accounts and via email.

You successfully reminded your followers that there is a deal available to them from Alle, which Alle already likely emailed them about. This is good, but how do you make sure they come to you instead of your competitors down the street?

You Sweeten the Pot!

Here at Total Social Solutions, we’re always asking our clients why someone would choose their practices over others.

Competition continues to heat up. Medical spas are opening up all the time, and private equity investors are swooping in to get a piece of that action as well.

If you want to make sure your patients, followers, or anyone else who happens upon your content comes to see you for their treatments when they redeem their rewards from Allergan, you need to give them a reason. Being “just another medspa” doesn’t cut it anymore. That ship sailed a long time ago.

You need to create a value-added offer for anyone who comes to see you.

How do you do this?

Redeem your points at ABC Medspa and receive an additional discount exclusively with us.

Claim your Alle rewards offers at XYZ Aesthetics and enjoy a free gift while supplies last.

Redeem your Alle offers and get double savings, exclusively at A1 Plastic Surgery and Medispa.

Those are just a few ways you can sweeten the deal and increase the likelihood that you get leads and conversions from your Allergan promotional posts.

Which Aesthetic Services Does This Work For?

Any Allergan treatments and products you offer in your practice can be used for these types of deals.

For example, if Allergan is encouraging you to promote their latest CoolSculpting® deal, you can increase leads and conversions in your practice by offering:

  1. A free add-on service, such as a lymphatic massage, to improve results.
  2. An additional discount on a skin tightening service as part of their CoolSculpting package
  3. Free products you sell that improve skin texture in the treatment area.

Another example we love to use is to offer complimentary Botox with dermal fillers. If Allergan is promoting a discount on Juvederm fillers, adding 10 units of free Botox to the deal can increase leads and conversions for your medical aesthetics practice.

Is it a DiamondGlow® offer? You can give away some of your SkinMedica® products. This is great if you received some free products from your rep.

You can also offer free or reduced-rate products and services to sweeten the deal even if they aren’t made by Allergan. This is great if you have some chemical peels, skincare products, or injectables that will expire soon and need to be used. Adding them onto an Alle offer can help you move those items off your shelf instead of going to waste.

Consider Your Brand and Vision When Selecting a Special Offer

If you don’t discount your services and products typically, use this strategy wisely. You may choose to only extend such an offer to your loyal patients who you know have offers from Alle.

If your practice routinely offers discounts on services and products, a discount or value-added promotion would work well for you.

If you typically only run value-added promotions (buy this and get that for free), we recommend sticking with this model and steering away from discounts, as this sets a discounting expectation that you will struggle to get away from later.

Discuss your ideas with your team. You know your audience best. You understand your company culture and how such offers fit into your branding. While we would encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and consider fresh and new ideas to improve patient acquisition, retention, and conversion, it’s crucial to balance this with your long-term vision and strategy for your business.

What About Botox Day and Juvederm Day?

You should absolutely participate in Botox Day due to the virality of the “holiday” and the trending hashtags created by it.

Juvederm Day is less popular, but it doesn’t hurt to participate so long as you follow our recommendations. Otherwise, all you’re doing is promoting sales for Allergan without ensuring that it benefits your practice directly.

Consider offering an additional discount to anyone who redeems their gift cards purchased on Botox Day or Juvederm Day. Repeat this strategy for other gift card sales that Alle runs, such as for Mother’s Day. You can offer an additional dollar amount off, give away 10 units of Botox Cosmetic per patient, or offer free products. Get creative with it, but make sure you keep it simple enough that it’s a no-brainer to take advantage of the offer.

Let Us Help You Take Your Allergan Promotions Further

Most of our clients never got advice like this from their Allergan reps and other vendor reps, and their minds are blown when we offer this advice to them. We can help you craft the perfect offer for your aesthetic medical practice, both for vendor promotions and the in-office specials you wish to run to reward your loyal patients while also enticing new leads to schedule an appointment.

Contact our expert team of aesthetic medical marketers at Total Social Solutions. We have been working with medical aesthetic practices since 2011 to increase leads, improve retention, and enhance ROI with the right digital marketing strategy for each practice’s needs and goals.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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