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Huge news came out a couple of weeks ago. Facebook announced that they are now charging businesses to run Facebook Offers.

We can infer several things from this announcement:

  1. Facebook believes that they are delivering real value with these offers (i.e. “they work!”).  This anecdote about The Aria Casino reports a ~500% ROI on their Offer investment.
  2. Facebook’s experiments in monetizing its business are starting to bear fruit.
  3. There may be an opportunity for TSS’ medical aesthetics clients here.Our team sprang to action and we designed an experiment to test the value. We ran very similar promotions on multiple client networks.  Some promotions received Facebook Offers, others didn’t.  The results were very interesting.  See the table below:
MetricWith Facebook OfferWithout Facebook Offer
Reach193% of fan base26% of fan base
Engagement4% of fan base1.25% of fan base


By using Facebook Offers, TSS clients reached nearly 800% of the people who did not use Offers.  The final exposure was nearly twice the size of the fan base of the business.  Why does this work? Facebook Offers are exposed to “friends of friends.” Because of this, we capture impressions from many more people than otherwise.

For our relatively small fan networks Facebook charges about $5 per Facebook Offer.  The ROI is rather obvious… if capturing a single new client is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars per year, then the advertising charge from Facebook is a drop in the bucket.

Would you like to make money on social media marketing for your medical aesthetic practice?

If you’re not already a client, contact us and we’ll let you know how we can help you grow YOUR business.



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