You may have noticed that your Total Social Solutions marketing images may contain a small watermark indicating that they’re part of our library of images. Since we’re in the content business ourselves, we are very, very aware of intellectual property rights.

Your social networks are very clear about how intellectual property may be used, and they take a very dim view of IP theft. Let’s take, for example, Facebook’s terms and conditions:

(click to enlarge this image of the Facebook terms and conditions)

If you repeatedly infringe other people’s intellectual property rights, we will disable your account when appropriate.

The terms and conditions of other social media platforms read similarly.

TSS watermarks our licensed images as way to signal that they are a part of our library of images, and that they are being used properly.

Your social media spaces are an increasingly important part of how you engage and interact with your clients. At TSS, we take managing your social spaces seriously, and that includes making sure that your marketing campaign is compliant with every platform on which we support. Losing an account because of IP theft is not an option.


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