What could you possibly want after becoming one of the most famous musicians on the planet with a rabid fan-base and the #1 Twitter following in the world?

Your own social network, of course!

Lady Gaga’s LittleMonsters.com officially opened to anyone and everyone on July 10th; an inspired cross between Pinterest and Facebook, with a few Reddit qualities, lured in fans the world over to post their Gaga inspired artwork, photos, memes, blog posts and news articles while also connecting with other “Little Monsters” (the pet-name Lady Gaga has given to all of her fans) in the local area and worldwide.

We joined LittleMonsters.com through a Facebook login, but new members may also join using Twitter or create a new login using their e-mail addresses, giving them instant access to all things Lady Gaga, including:

  • Lady Gaga in the news;
  • Resources on Gaga’s pet projects (anti-bullying, LGBT rights, etc…);
  • Exclusive fans-only chatrooms; and
  • Event boards for concerts, where members may RSVP, purchase tickets online and connect with other fans in attendance.

What’s the Point?

Unless you’re a Little Monster, you may not understand the benefit of a celebrity social media site. Is the focus too narrow? What will be the measure of success for LittleMonsters.com? Will it be member growth, ticket sales, engagement, or something else entirely?

At the heart of the matter is Lady Gaga’s understanding of what we believe at Total Social Solutions about the importance of community building around your brand. Social media is that place to build a hungry audience of fans, clients, patients and potential customers who love you and what you offer. In other words, they are your brand’s own “Little Monsters,” turning your social network into a permanent, cash-flow positive business asset. Since this community drives recurring revenue for your business, it may be one of the most important assets you own.

In Gaga’s case, however, she’s so famous she’s infamous. With the most followers of any Twitter profile on record, approximately 53 million Facebook fans from every country around the world and hundreds of millions of dollars in record sales, she had the fan-base to begin her own social network dedicated to her fans and the causes important to them.

In essence, the social network is the next step in the growth of the Gaga brand. She took control of her social following and created her own branded network of fans, forever changing the future of celebrity branding and merchandising.

Lady Gaga’s move into social media shows that she cares for her fans and wants to offer them more. It’s apparent she has great business sense and intends to remain relevant with the fast-changing information age.

This is similar to what we offer our clients here at Total Social Solutions. While starting your own social network is likely more than you would need, our team is dedicated to turning your brand or practice into an online community of “Little Monsters” who are hungry for your message and excited to share it with their friends.

Won’t you join us?


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