Our earlier article discussed how you can craft your messaging such that we make absolutely sure that your audience sees your posts.  Now, you know everything about writing good content for social media.


Next, we’ll talk about how you can grow your audience for your medical aesthetic practice.  When you increase the quantity of qualified network members, you’ll raise the number of people who act on your social media promotions.

If you’d like us to work with you on this, then please contact us for our Fan and Follower Bootcamp.  Our team can guide you every step of the way through making sure you’re doing this right.

Here are a few things that you can do to make sure you’re growing your medical aesthetic practice’s social network:

  1. Educate your staff – make sure that everyone knows what you’re doing on social media, and why it’s important for your patients to get engaged.  Your staffers should know why social media is important for your business (which is their business) as well as for your patients.
  2. Involve your staff – social media is about the personality of your business. Make sure that you’re involving your entire team in your social media activities so it reflects the personality of your office.
  3. Make it a priority for the front desk – the people at the front desk greet your patients, and spend time with them while the patients are waiting to be seen.  Make sure that your receptionist and your patient coordinators know how to help grow the network.
  4. Bonuses – if you really want to line your team up behind growing the network, offer a bonus based on network growth.  It doesn’t need to be much (it can be as simple as the boss buying lunch, or a small gift card), but offering a bonus ensures that your team is working for your network growth goals.
  5. Reward new fans and followers – your patients want something extra for themselves.  Make sure you’re giving them a reward for joining. Even a trial-size skin cream can be enough to get people to click “Like”.
  6. Recruit on your website and email – make sure you’ve got the right icons and links on your website (on the top right) and in your email (inside your signature).  This makes it easy for people to join.
  7. Reach out on your newsletter – make sure you feature your networks prominently on your email newsletter.  Periodically remind your newsletter recipients that there are special deals available ONLY on the social networks so they’ll want to join.
  8. Make it $pecial – make sure you reward your fans occasionally with ‘fans-only’ deals.  These do not need to be complicated, but they do need to reward people who have elected to join your networks.

It’s simple.  You can build a vibrant, profitable social media network for your medical aesthetic practice; you just need to devote time and effort to the growth.

Do you still think you need the help of the experts?  Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you lay the foundation you need for long term social media success.


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