It’s finally here – your Facebook apps support for mobile devices. Total Social Solutions’ customers can now have contests, fan gate pages, and more that work on your customers’ mobile devices.

What does this mean?

In the past, when you put together a contest, promotion, or your home page (which encourages customers to Like your page), this did not function on mobile devices. Instead, iPhone or Android users could ONLY view your default Facebook page from their devices.

This means that some of the neatest things you were doing were unavailable to customers viewing your page on mobile devices.

Today, your Facebook apps (like your home page, your appointments page, or your before and after pictures) will be displayed automatically in the format that is best for the person viewing this.  This means more viewers for your posts and contests, as many much of your audience looks at your page using their iPhone, Android phone, or iPad (some of our metrics show as many as 35% view from mobile devices).

What do I have to do differently?

There is only one thing you need to change – the URL with which you refer to your Facebook page. Your TSS Campaign Manager will give you a short URL (like that you can use to link to your Facebook page. Use this URL on your website, in email signatures, on newsletters – everywhere.

Using this URL, when your customers browse to your Facebook page, they’ll receive a page that is intelligently formatted for their browsing platform. If they’re using a desktop, an Android phone, or even an iPad, they’re guaranteed to get the app format that will display best on their platform.

That’s it? It’s that simple?

It sure is.


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