The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting was a huge success by any measure last week.

We announced our brand new Email Newsletters for Medical Aesthetics Practices during this show.  Contact us if you’re interested in becoming one of the few customers we test this with before final pricing is announced.  Now your TSS marketing team can manage your newsletter… with guaranteed results.

Founder and CCO Jake Laban spoke compellingly three times at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery 2013 Annual Scientific Meeting last week.  His topics included “Online Review Sites…What’s the Difference and What Matters”, “The Secret to Success in Social Media for Aesthetic Surgeons”, and on a panel discussion. Look forward to seeing links to the video on our YouTube channel soon.

Our overwhelming theme for this show was ‘Insist on Metrics’.  As you’ve seen over the last year, we’ve become incredibly focused on providing measurable metrics that indicate the exact value we’re bringing to our clients.  Success on social media means focusing on bringing more patients into your practice.  Our entire business operations hinge on these key performance indicators.

There’s a bigger message in ‘Insist on Metrics’.  As you evaluate your marketing spend for 2013, do yourself a favor as a business owner and look at the measured results of every marketing investment from the previous year.

We would love to hear  about your most and least effective marketing expenses from 2012.  What worked?  What didn’t?  We’d love to learn from your experiences, and share some of ours.


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