How can you leverage social media to grow your practice’s business?

Total Social Solutions has the answers in this 16 minute webinar narrated by Jake Laban, managing partner of TSS, and sponsored by the OFPSA (Organization of Facial Plastic Surgery Assistants).

The above video webinar answers many important questions for practice owners like you, such as:

  • Who is on social media and how often?
  • Why is social media essential to my practice’s growth?
  • How can I use social media to recruit, convert and retain clients and patients?
  • How can I leverage social to sell products and services and schedule appointments?
  • How do I make sure my fans don’t ignore my message?
  • Can I manage my reputation as a medical professional through the use of social media?

Jake answers all of these questions and more as he discusses marketing evolution, the digital and social media revolutions, and the true power social media has to grow your practice’s business and create a hungry community: fans and followers, clients and patients who are desperate to spread your message to their friends in their own networks.

The best part is that Total Social Solutions, an industry leader in social media marketing specializing in medical aesthetic practices, will manage everything for you!

Click here to CONTACT US and learn more about how Total Social Solutions will help you grow your practice and create a networked community of fans and followers.


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