People are constantly changing the way that they are using the internet. In 2010, when Facebook was only a couple of years old (but had definitively vanquished MySpace), search and SEO strategies were focused on a ‘publish or perish’ paradigm. Website owners were rewarded for prodigious content production and article marketing with high search rankings.


SEO is joining Social Media for the ultimate Internet connectivity platform

At the time social media had very little to do with search, or with a business’ digital marketing strategy. Social media was a place for a rare few businesses and was largely occupied by individuals (most of them playing Farmville and Mafia Wars, you may recall).

Today, social and SEO are slowly growing closer together. When your clients are looking for an injector, they are likely to ask their friends on Twitter or check out Yelp. Many consumers find search rankings on Google to be a less reliable indicator for a reliable business than crowd-sourced opinion.

The search world has a new player in Facebook.  Facebook’s Graph Search now allows users to enter human language searches (like ‘spas my friends like’) to extract answers from the Facebook network.  If this catches on when it emerges to production, it will represent a massive change to how people select service providers.

As these two mediums converge, we start to see that success in social media together with success in SEO comprise your overall comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The best businesses can, and should, be successful in both.

This has changed our blogging strategy as well.  Initially our team offered syndicated blog content to be placed on client blogs, for the purpose of broadcast on social media. Our clients benefited through using a large amount of informational blog content at a very low price, with more backlinks to social media. As the year passed, and as Google evolved its search algorithm, we learned that we can offer even more value to our clients with a far smaller quantity of exclusive blog articles. We have switched our packages to support a more holistic view of the SEO/Social relationship by giving clients the OPTION of a higher quantity of syndicated content, or original and unique blog content. This has led to much better partnerships between our team and our partners’ SEO firms. In addition, we’ve made available to our clients the option of purchasing original, unique, and custom blog articles to assist their overall digital marketing goals.

In 2013 we’ll continue to see a convergence between search and social.  Your SEO vendors will continue to try to figure out social media by applying SEO principles to social.  In the meantime, here at TSS we are going to continue to focus on delivering metrics that show how social is delivering business to you.

Please contact us if you need help with your blogging and SEO strategy.


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