There is a temptation when measuring social networks to compare them by size. If you have more followers than another person, your network is better, right? Quantity of followers is a simple, easy-to-measure quantitative metric that enables quick and intuitive comparison.

It’s an easy – but dangerous – trap to fall into. Let’s look at your business. With some thought you can probably name some customers that are frequent buyers, return often, and contribute much to your bottom line.  A few very happy clients may even refer other business to you. Other customers may do more harm than good – taking up your valuable resources while delivering very little profit to your business.

Your social networking strategy should be carefully designed to build and cater to your loyal customer base so your business can grow.  With some thought you can design a marketing strategy that helps transition less profitable clients into high value customers, and rewards high value customers for the good things that they do for your business.

All clients are not created equal, and all social networking connections are not the same. Your business will thrive based on how it recognizes, cultivates, and caters to high value clients.


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