social media post ideasIt’s hard to know what to post on social media every week. While before and after photos and treatment demos are all the rage, they are difficult to collect when patients don’t agree to be photographed and filmed. If this is all you can think to create, then you need creative social media post ideas.

There are so many ways to create engaging content in the office that doesn’t require a flood of patients ready and willing to sign photo and video releases.

Leverage Viral Topics With These Social Media Post Ideas

You don’t have to jump on a sudden trend in order to take advantage of viral topics! In fact, you can predict the virality of topics and hashtags by creating an offbeat holiday and awareness month strategy in your social media content calendar.

Great social media post ideas for your aesthetic medical practice can include fun and engaging months, weeks, and days. Some are obvious and others require a little bit of extra creativity.

April is Stress Awareness Month, and you could post a photo of you getting ready to get a massage from a local massage therapist. This has the added benefit of allowing you to create a collaborative post or simply tag the spa and massage therapist in order to promote them while reaching their audience as well. Using #stressawarenessmonth also enhances your reach, as it’s part of the national conversation online.

June 15th is Smile Power Day, and you can talk about how lip filler can improve lip symmetry and smooth away the signs of aging. Educate your followers about the benefits of lip injections beyond enlarged lips. You can create a video explaining how this works or design infographics explaining this. Using #smilepowerday, you can reach all of the people using and searching this trending topic.

June 21st is National Selfie Day, and posting a selfie of your entire staff in the lobby of your practice (make sure your sign is visible in the background) with #selfieday #nationalselfieday will help you reach more people.

July 24th is National Self-Care Day, and you can show your providers getting facials and/or wellness services you may offer in your practice. You can also post at-home skincare selfies. Wearing a sheet mask on a Friday night? Get a selfie and post it! #selfcare #selfcareday #nationalselfcareday

Are you beginning to see the possibilities with these social media post ideas? Good, because we have more.

When Staff Members Are Patients…

Seriously, your entire staff is always getting treatments. Facials, laser treatments, injectables, IV infusions. Make it a rule that any time a staff member is getting a treatment, they must take photos and videos for social media. They can take fun selfies or pull in another staff member to quickly video and photograph the treatment. Don’t let that moment pass without capturing something for your social media! And be sure to get before and after photos to share of staff members as well.

You can make it a perk for staffers to get free treatments in exchange for this content for the practice. Just make sure they’re giving you the content to post on your social media and not posting to their own social media accounts.

Other Easy Social Media Post Ideas for Your Aesthetics Practice

We created an Instagram Guide with examples of really easy social media post ideas that we curated from aesthetics practices across Instagram. These also don’t have to include patients, but they are engaging and educational, and they also don’t require you to film yourself talking about your products and services.

Do You Need More Social Media Post Ideas?

If you have a plastic surgery practice, dermatology clinic, or medical spa, and you need more social media support, contact our aesthetic medical marketing experts at Total Social Solutions for a discovery call. We’ll discuss what you’re doing now, what is and is not working, and how we can help you level up your social media marketing.



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