Our clients say one of two things about Yelp. It’s either a much-feared enemy, or a highly-valued friend and business partner.

We’ve been testing different strategies with Yelp for more than a year now.  Given the proper strategic application of your advertising budget, we’ve been able increase the value that Yelp brings to your business by 300-500%.

With this information, we’ve created a 3 month long Yelp advertising program that will give you the exact same results for your ad campaign. Contact us to learn how you can get these benefits for yourself.

Want to know more? First of all, know that increasing your Yelp ranking will, over time, result in slowly increasing Yelp page views.

yelp graphs

Many of us have taken phone calls from Yelp sales people. They all ask for one thing, and promise the same, “Buy ad impressions from us, and the customers will beat a path to your door!”  Unfortunately, Yelp salespeople are not telling you the truth about their product offerings.  If you know what to ask for, and how to get it, you can super-charge your results.  One user, enrolled in our program, saw results like below:

yelp graphs3


In just one month, this client managed to more than triple the value of his ad dollars. The phone call results reflected the change:

yelp graphs4


Within 2 months this customer doubled his Yelp ad spend… because of the fantastic ROI he was getting on his money.

Please contact our team if you’d like to enroll in our Yelp Advertising Consulting Program and achieve similar results.



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