Jennifer Kilkenny of Total Social Solutions Announces ROI Program for Social Media Marketers in Las Vegas

It’s been an exciting week here at Total Social Solutions, as our Operations Manager was interviewed by the locally famous Downtown Podcast in Downtown Las Vegas, discussing our unique ROI (Return on Investment) system for internet marketing.

In the audience was Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, and Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress (which this site has been built on), who was also interviewed on this episode to discuss his work with Bitcoin.

During the interview, Jennifer discussed how Total Social Solutions got its start doing social media marketing for medical aesthetics practices, the struggles we faced as a start-up to show value to our clients, and how we overcame those obstacles with a unique call analytics system that allows us to track and record all phone calls coming through social media and newsletter marketing campaigns for our clients.

View Jennifer’s interview below.   Scroll down to see the episode in its entirety.


Total Social Solutions introduces call analytics

Every marketing campaign justifies its existence by delivering business.

How do we know when we’re delivering business, you ask?  My favorite response from a customer is “I know things are working because I can make the phones ring.”

…so we set out to measure just that. Great news: our clients are now eligible to use Total Social Solutions’ Call Analytics tool.  Your social marketing campaign will now be enabled to track both web clicks and incoming phone calls. Not only are we enabled for monthly reporting on incoming calls, but we can actually record incoming calls so you can review them and work with your front desk staff to improve the first impression they’re delivering for your business!

We’re continuing to design and refine a solution that delivers more business to you.  If you’re not already a client, then please contact us to learn about how we can help turn your social marketing campaign into a profit center for your business.

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