Have your before & after photos been stolen?

We have a passion for intellectual property at Total Social Solutions, as you may have noticed. So when we learned that aesthetic medical practices are finding their before and after photos used on other clinics’ websites, we were absolutely outraged. Beyond the copyright infringement issues and the lack of integrity, the safety of the public […]

Is Your Social Media Marketing Firm Breaking the Law on Your Facebook Page?

co-authored by Eric Fredericksen, esg., Jake Laban MBA Some of our clients have been vocal about the watermark that is found on a large majority of  images we use on their social spaces. It’s not particularly wonderful feedback we’re getting from them either.  They simply do not like the watermark. Can’t say I blame them. […]

Making sure your audience sees your posts

Let’s remember the ultimate goal as we build out our social media audiences: building loyal communities that will buy more product and services, refer more new clients, and resist the temptation to buy from other vendors. In order to encourage people to buy more products and services, it’s important to know the right way to […]

Stealing is Wrong, Even if it is “Socially” Acceptable

“It’s just ‘borrowing’ an image off a simple Google Image search…that’s not an issue!” “Images of celebrities are everywhere!  There is no reason that I can’t upload a few to draw attention to my Facebook wall.” “Everyone else is simply copying and pasting images on their social sites…why can’t I?” While advances in technology are […]

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