Don’t Worry About Negative Reviews: Sir Patrick Stewart shows us why

Every business has negative reviews. That is a fact. The most luxurious brands, renowned five star hotels, and celebrity chef restaurants all have negative reviews. While it’s important to monitor your online reputation, collect positive reviews, and improve your business based on customer feedback, it’s equally important to realistically approach bad online reviews. Don’t worry about negative reviews; conquer them!

After all, even our most beloved monuments around the country and the world have received 1 -star reviews, as read by actor Sir Patrick Stewart.

Shakespearean Actor Sir Patrick Stewart Reads 1-Star Reviews of Famous Monuments

Some people just can’t be impressed or satisfied. We all intellectually know this. Emotionally, however, is something altogether different.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Negative Reviews

The examples in the Patrick Stewart video are absurd, but they are real 1-star reviews published about awe-inspiring monuments. These are structures of architectural and historical significance! And yet some people found that these weren’t good enough for them. These people exist, and they have come or will come to your business. They aren’t easy to please and they often have unreasonable demands.

Unreasonable People With Unreasonable Expectations

dont worry about negative reviews

You’ve likely already met one or two before. They expected you to lower yourself to their demands, but you didn’t give in. You refused to be a prescription pad signature at their beckon call, and that infuriated them. Sound familiar? Well, then you also know that, as soon as they left, that wasn’t the end of it. The negative reviews popped up. If you were lucky, it was just one review site; if you got a particularly difficult patient, two or more websites showed identical one-star rants about you, your staff, and your practice.

This is usually when the panic sets in. “What if other patients see this review? Will people who read it think that I’m a bad doctor? What if I lose business because of this unreasonable person? If only I could respond without violating HIPAA!”

You aren’t alone. If you were, we wouldn’t be invited to speak about this exact topic every year at prominent medical conferences around the country.

The truth is, if you read the really nasty reviews again, you’ll realize it’s not a big deal at all. When other reasonable people researching your practice stumble onto these online rants, they will see what you saw: an unreasonable person. Don’t believe it? Watch the video again. Read the comments. Look at how many people reacted to it on social media. They’re laughing at these reviewers. The majority of people who watch this video are reasonable and find these reviewers to be completely out of line and ridiculous. So, too, will potential customers and patients who see this kind of negative review about your practice.

Some Negative Reviews are Constructive

Not all negative reviews come from such a ridiculous and comical place, however. Many are constructive feedback from real customers and patients who have a legitimate concern about their experience. Read more about how negative reviews can help save your business.

Need Help Managing Negative Reviews or Generating Positive Reviews?

End your worry about negative reviews with the help of our team. Total Social Solutions is a trusted resource for reputation monitoring and reputation management. We help our clients learn how to generate positive reviews, implement review collection strategies, and respond to reviews for positive customer and patient engagement. We also frequently present on reputation monitoring and management topics at the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) annual conferences and contributed a series of articles on the subject to their members-only print publication, Currents Magazine.

Have a free consultation with us to find out how we can help you with your review strategy.

ASDS Annual Meeting 2016 – Total Social Solutions Talks About Reputation Management

The ASDS Annual Meeting for 2016 was held in New Orleans, LA, organized by ASDS (American Society for Dermatologic Surgery). Jennifer Kilkenny, Managing Director of Total Social Solutions, joined a panel that included celebrity dermatologist Dr. Doris Day to discuss reputation monitoring and management. Specifically, Jennifer was invited to teach dermatologists how to manage online reviews on websites like Yelp and Google.

Dr. Doris Day and Total Social Solutions ASDS Annual Meeting 2016Organized and managed by Drs. Mona Gohara and Ellen Marmur, the session was full of excellent tips for dermatologic surgeons struggling to promote themselves on social media, obtain press coverage, and manage their online reviews.

Reputation Monitoring and Management for Dermatologists and Dermatologic Surgeons

Managing online reviews is a struggle for any business, particularly for medical professionals. The usual tips for getting and responding to reviews doesn’t work in an industry that ensures total privacy for clients and patients. This makes reputation management, particularly responding to negative online reviews, problematic for many medical professionals. This is why ASDS and ADAM (Association of Dermatology Administrators and Managers) have both asked Jennifer to speak on this topic.

ASDS Annual Meeting 2016 Reputation Management Highlights

The presentation itself was a very in depth coverage of reputation monitoring and management, specifically focused on how to handle negative reviews in the most productive way. Here are some of the highlights your practice should be focused on:

  1. Don’t Reply Publicly Right Away. Yelp tells business users to reply publicly to all reviews immediately. For physicians and medical practices, we do not recommend this approach. Medical care, even aesthetic treatments, is a much more delicate and serious matter. A negative review for a medical practice is not equal to a negative review for a restaurant or real estate agent. This is why we tell our clients to follow specific steps to identify the reviewer, discuss the review with staff members, and reach out to the patient personally through private communication channels before considering a public response. This is crucial to maintaining good, healthy relationships with patients.
  2. Some Negative Reviews Aren’t Worth It. Some patients who come through your doors are just bullies. Don’t bother with their negative reviews. Most sensible people will read a their negative reviews and know that the reviewer is dishonest or troubled. That’s why we tell our clients not to sweat it when a bully or troubled patient leaves a ranting negative review. Just focus on generating more positive reviews.
  3. Reach Out to Happy Patients. If you have patients you know love you, ask them if they’d mind leaving you a review. It’s true that Yelp may filter these reviews if they aren’t active Yelpers. That’s why, if they don’t use Yelp, ask them to leave you a Google or Facebook review instead. Those almost always stick.

Update: ASDS Annual Meeting 2017

We’re excited to announce that we were invited to the ASDS Annual Meeting in Chicago in Oct. 2017 to present once again on Reputation Management! See you in Chicago!

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