We wanted to make our best practices for growing your network available to everyone. This checklist goes hand in hand with our Network Growth Bootcamp, which all of our new clients are eligible for.  If you have any questions about any of these items, just contact us and we’ll be happy to clarify.

The gist of it is, if you’ve checked off most of these items, then you’re pretty much guaranteed to have network growth. It’s that easy.  

  1. Staff incentivized to grow following
  2. Staff educated to grow following
  3. New fans entitled to something valuable for joining, and staff educated to send that message
  4. Icons with links to social spaces in all staff email signatures
  5. Icons with links to social spaces on top right side of all website pages
  6. Links to join (special offers, incentives, fun facts) within monthly newsletters
  7. Once every 2 months, make your newsletter highlight your call-to-join action
  8. Send your patients a followup email after every visit, and prominently display links to your social networks and review sites in those emails.  
  9. Your staff helps promote the brand through being fans on social networks, and actively participating by linking/sharing/retweeting information
  10. Entire staff educated on social promotions and encouraging fans to join the network
  11. Create signs at check-in and check-out asking patients to become fans on your social networks
  12. Patient intake forms contain a checklist of followed social networks
  13. Social-media-only deals offered
  14. Consistently share of your staff and team around the office, and use social network tools to make sure they’re identified properly
  15. Make sure your checkout staff is properly trained to encourage people to join your online communities
  16. Consider advertising (our TSS staff can help!).  Contact us to learn more.

If you’re executing on these points (combined with our marketing program) you simply WILL accumulate fans. It’ll be that easy.



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