An alert customer just sent us this article from Forbes, which discusses some concerns with Facebook’s business model. Specifically, the concern is about Facebook’s mobile advertising solution.

We’ve seen the ubiquity of mobile platforms ourselves. During early marketing efforts last year, we saw a very high percentage of interaction with our messaging on mobile. As a consequence, we invested in putting together a comprehensive mobile strategy. The really great news: we’re already mobile-ready for much of our platform (and have been for most of this year). For example, our Facebook apps are all mobile ready. This article has details about our solution.

The Forbes article quotes Keith Teare at TechCrunch:

In this [mobile] era the essential unit of advertising (a page based ad, whether text, display or anything else) is simply the wrong monetization vehicle. Something new has to emerge.

Keith is writing from the perspective of the social media platform companies (and their investors), and commenting on how their business model is threatened by the advent of mobile. With a little thought, you can conclude that the health of the overall social marketing business is also important.

Here’s the great news: this matters much, much less to the business owner marketing on social media than it does to the social media platform companies and their investors.

The value Total Social Solutions brings to our clients belongs in the realm of marketing rather than advertising. The messaging, value, and promotional support we delivering on behalf of our clients’ brands are based on building a community of followers. To those followers, your brand is just a part of the regular stream of posts. Posts and regular messaging are central to the value of Facebook/Twitter/Google+. Our method of marketing is equally viable no matter what the platform. Advertising may play a role in your campaign (for example, in acquiring fans), but the value really kicks in with the messaging to the network. Mainframe, mobile, tablet, desktop, and every other platform will support this.

Social media plays a huge role in people’s lives. Last I checked, Facebook had 3,600 employees, and they’re profitable. As long as the social marketing companies find a business model that supports their operations (Facebook already has one) then they will continue to deliver a platform from which we can successfully market your business.

Would you like to know more? Just contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help market your business.


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