Here at TSS, we are managing a large number of brands throughout the medical field, and these brands are scattered throughout the US. We work with small clinics, large multi-provider practices, and some aesthetic brands.

Now, this is not to brag, but to lay the groundwork that we have a rather unique perspective on the medical marketplace in social media.  This is important when we are asked…

We here at TSS headquarters are working hard pulling together our own proprietary database that will be available exclusively to TSS clients (and for their benefit).  As we work on that, we came across this great piece that answers this question while looking at the broader marketplace.“When is the best time to post content?”

Some key takeaways:

  • Most sharing on Facebook is done on Saturday
  • Best time to tweet is at 5PM
  • If you have a national brand…80% of your target customers are in the Eastern and Central time zone, so plan your content appropriately.

Have more questions about your program? Contact your TSS Account Coordinator, we are here to help!


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