american society for dermatologic surgery logoIn October 2021, Instagram and Facebook both crashed for an entire day. For those who rely heavily on their social media for sales, this hit hard. Those who were prepared and invested in email marketing and even text messaging were able to pivot, continue promoting, and maintained sales and appointment bookings right before the holiday season.

More recently, Facebook/Meta lost billions in revenue, leaving people wondering if this was a sign that platforms under the Meta umbrella were on the way out. While we don’t see this as a likely scenario, you can never guarantee that any website will exist forever. You also can’t guarantee you’ll always have access to your account; hackers have stolen accounts with a large following and, in rare circumstances, platforms will permanently ban accounts.

So how do you make sure you retain your “followers” if you can no longer use these platforms?

In the most recent issue of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) members-only magazine, we broke down how to ensure your marketing is diversified across multiple channels. In it, we discussed how:

  • Email Marketing is Going Strong
  • SMS (Text Messaging) Offers Benefits (when done right)
  • Legal Notes and Best Practices for Both Email and SMS

Read the full article here: ASDS Currents Digital Marketing for dermatology

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