When I read in Website Magazine‘s August 2014 article discussing how only 1% of email marketers are using mobile responsive designs in their emails exclusively, I was shocked.

Aren’t we all glued to our mobile devices 24/7?

Don’t we all check our emails, social media, and text every free moment we have?

If we all know that the mobile trend is growing at a rapid pace, then why aren’t more marketers catering to the smaller screen size, and what does this mean for your business?

Watch the video below about trends in mobile use and how you’re losing business by not ensuring that your email newsletters and promotions are mobile responsive with clear, concise calls-to-action that are quick and easy to respond to.

The world is moving faster than ever before, and your customers are too busy to play around with an email that isn’t easy to read on the smaller screens they rely on every day. If you’re going to remain competitive, you must get on board with the mobile trend.

…and as the late Steve Jobs said about his first iPhone, it’s “your life in your pocket.”  If you want to make your brand a part of your customers’ lives, you must make it easy for them.

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