Do you still have the same website you had built in 2008?

Did you know that your site is likely not mobile responsive and therefore will lose its current standing with Google and other search engines?  Additionally, your conversion rate is slowly falling as more and more people use their mobile devices to surf the web.

Google announced that they will begin actively pushing websites down in the search results if they do not have a mobile-friendly design structure.  Most websites built before 2014 fall into this category and will begin to see a drop in web traffic and business over the coming months.

Not sure if your website is mobile-friendly?  Google has released a helpful tool to check the mobile-compatibility of your website.  You can visit the Google Developers Mobile-Friendly Test to check your website’s mobile responsive design capabilities and use that information to decide your next move.

I didn’t pass the mobile-friendly test.  What do I do now?

Total Social Solutions now offers website redesign services to plastic surgeons, dermatologists, medical spas and medical weight loss clinics with customized, mobile-responsive design as well as ongoing content marketing services to help your website maintain a competitive edge.  We get our clients ranked #1 on Google.  We also ensure your newsletter design is mobile responsive to increase conversion on your monthly specials.

Contact us now for a quote!

We’re currently accepting new clients for web design and development services and are also available to discuss ongoing internet marketing efforts that your practice may be in need of, including:

  • Social Media branding and design
  • Newsletter branding and design services
  • Content marketing via blogging, social media and YouTube media
  • Strategic newsletter and e-blast marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services
  • Increased ROI (Return on Investment) in the form of appointments and phone calls
  • Call Analytics and Appointment Tracking
  • Monthly Reporting

Contact us today for a free, no-cost, no-obligation consultation.  One of our representatives will discuss your personal needs during a 1 hour consultation and how we can help you with your current marketing needs and help you get your new mobile-responsive website.


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