Guaranteed ROI

Let us show you guaranteed ROI!

This will be our last past-focused post for about 12 months, but we made a ton of changes in 2012. Every time we make a change, it is done with an eye to improving the measurable ROI that we deliver to our clients. We go forward with changing your service only if we think it will provide you with more phone calls, more appointment requests, and a more robust online community.

These improvements include:

  • Enhanced reputation monitoring (2/2012)
  • Custom design for promotional campaigns (2/2012)
  • Online marketing planning calendar for a single point of communications (4/2012)
  • Legal, licensed visual imagery in messaging (5/2012)
  • Vendor campaign support (e.g. Brilliant Distinctions and Medicis rebates) (8/2012)
  • Yelp Help and Fan and Follower Bootcamp (8/2012)
  • for messaging scheduling and review (9/2012)
  • Call Analytics for well-defined measurable campaign ROI (10/2012)
  • Monthly reporting (11/2012)
  • An iPhone app with push message marketing available (11/2012)

Many of these have been given AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to most of our customers. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can get access to these benefits as part of you social marketing campaign, please contact us for more information.


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