is email marketing dead in currents magazine ASDSContinuing with our support of and collaboration with the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), TSS Managing Director Jennifer Kilkenny penned an article to answer the question, “Is email marketing dead?” In “Email is Not Dead!”, Jennifer talks about why you still need an email marketing strategy in 2017 and beyond.

Read the article as it appeared in the official ASDS members-only print publication: Email is Not Dead! – ASDS Currents Magazine, May-June 2017

ASDS Asked Total Social Solutions: Is Email Marketing Dead?

With so much social media growth and text message marketing strategies, many business owners, including physicians and medical clinics, wanted to know if email marketing was no longer worth pursuing. While it’s true that new and exciting ways to reach your audience now exist, they should each be considered one ingredient in a marketing recipe.

As we like to say to our clients, “Get them everywhere they play online.” This means that, while you post on Facebook and Instagram and send text reminders for appointments, email marketing is another way to remind them about who you are, why they chose you, and what else you can offer them.

Is Email Marketing Dead? Not Even Close!

There are many benefits to including email marketing in your total internet marketing strategy. These include:

  • The Attention Economy / Short Attention Spans / Competition
  • Content & Advertising Overload
  • Brand Awareness
  • Social Media Algorithms / Reduced Reach

The last one is perhaps the most important. Social networks come and go, but your email list can almost live forever. And with increasingly strict Facebook algorithms (and other social networks following their lead), your social reach dwindles. Emails almost always get delivered.

Is Your Facebook Reach Dwindling?

Each year, Facebook announces another algorithm change that puts all social media marketers into a panic. You can avoid this by encouraging Facebook users to subscribe to your email list. No matter what happens with Facebook, you’ll have that list of emails. Using Facebook and other social networks as a lead generation channel for your business, rather than your business’s Facebook page, makes a huge difference in the value you receive from Facebook marketing and advertising. The same goes for Twitter, Instagram, and any other sources of traffic and branding you use.

Looking for Help With Email Marketing?

Is email marketing dead? It’s not. However, if you asked this question because you aren’t seeing a return on your email marketing strategies or can’t figure out why people aren’t opening your email newsletters and e-blasts, it’s time to seek help from the pros. Total Social Solutions helps dermatologists and other aesthetic medical practices improve their email marketing strategies with professional graphic design, mobile-responsive email creation, custom content, effective calls-to-action, and subject lines that promote clicks. Contact us today to learn how we can help you make the most of your valuable patient email list.

Total Social Solutions and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery

TSS and ASDS have been in collaboration for many years to bring quality, informative marketing content to ASDS members. In addition to contributing to the ASDS official members-only print publication Currents Magazine, TSS has also presented at ASDS member meetings and conferences discussing social media marketing, blogging and SEO, and reputation management.

Learn more about TSS & ASDS collaborations.


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