No BS ROI through Social Media Marketing

Facebook likes and Twitter followers don’t pay the bills.

It seems absurd to even have to say this.  It seems obvious when you look at it that way, right?  However, many business owners seem to think that this is what drives success.

Why?  Because many social media marketers have convinced their clients that measurable success on social media is increased Facebook likes & Twitter followers.  However, likes and followers don’t amount to anything if your phone isn’t ringing with appointments as a direct result of your marketing efforts on social networks.

What is True ROI on Interactive & Social Media Marketing?

Real social media ROI can be measured through:

  • more phone calls &
  • more appointments, which both add up to
  • more money for your medical aesthetics practice.

At Total Social Solutions, our goal is to make you more money through increased phone calls and more appointments into your practice using the power of interactive media (aka social media).

We couldn’t possibly say it better than Managing Partner Jake Laban did at a recent aesthetics trade show here in Las Vegas, so we’ll let him take it from here in this video recorded during his presentation.


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Lessons from Aesthetic Extenders Conference

social media marketing talk for medical aesthetics professionals

TSS’s booth at the Aesthetic Extender Symposium 2012 in Boca Raton.

Total Social Solutions was at the Aesthetic Extenders Conference in Boca Raton last week (see our booth below).

Founder and owner Jake Laban gave a fantastic speech about the secret of social marketing (more on that soon).We also learned a lot from the conference.  Some good takeaways:

  • Our business is always about making people feel better about themselves. Every elective procedure our clients spend their money on is oriented toward that.
  • Our business is VISUAL. Let’s all remember together that marketing material that we present to the clients should be visually appealing first and foremost.
  • A well-executed event is a pleasure to be a part of.  Kudos to the organizers of the Aesthetic Extender Symposium for running and excellent event.  Similarly, when we host events for our patients, it is good to remember to put ourselves in the place of our patients in order to make sure that everything is perceived to go smoothly.





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