In medical aesthetics, Yelp is considered a 4-letter word…in every sense.

Put simply, Yelp is the bane of the medical aesthetics industry.

…but is it really, or have we all just heard enough horror stories from the minority to make us think that Yelp is a nightmare business killer?

Either way, you can’t escape Yelp.  If you think Vitals and Real Self is driving your business, think again.  Yelp users are everywhere (and checking in at every location) and are more likely to review you on Yelp than they are to visit a medical related review site.

That aside, there are other reasons you should make sure you have control of your Yelp presence that you likely weren’t aware of.

Technology is growing quickly, and social media is rapidly replacing search engines and other time saving convenience items such as:

  1. Apple Maps:  Yelp recently partnered with Apple, making the iPhone map application Yelp driven.    What does this mean to you?  It means that iPhone users browsing the nearest location to get a  facial, hair removal or skin cancer screening will see your business on their iPhones.  If you’re not there, however, or your Yelp page is littered with negative reviews you haven’t addressed, you’ll lose that customer.
  2. GPS Systems:  Siri is now also powered by Yelp in newer models of luxury cars (think Lexus, Mercedes, Jaguar and BMW).   So when Laura feels she’s getting too old after celebrating her 30th birthday and sees the start of crows feet in the rear view mirror, she’ll shout, “Siri!  Find the nearest Botox provider!”  The results she will get are Yelp listings and reviews.  Again, if you aren’t among them or your star rating on Yelp is low, you’ll lose that potential business.

Yelp Ranks High in Google Search Results

If it weren’t enough that Yelp is now in every iPhone and luxury vehicle, Yelp business listings are also dominating Google search results as demonstrated in the screenshots below:

Botox Los Angeles Google search results are the top 2 listings.

After Google’s paid ads, Yelp listings rank in the Top 2 in the search results.

Making Yelp Work FOR You

Our clients receive special training from our Customer Satisfaction Managers that we like to call “Yelp Help” that includes instructional materials on how to respond to negative reviews, improve Yelp star ratings, and rank higher in the search results.  In addition, we do some of the leg work for them by managing their ad campaigns.

If you are a client of ours and haven’t received Yelp Help or feel that a greater focus needs to go into your Yelp presence, contact your Customer Satisfaction Manager right away to get started or get a quick refresher.

If you are currently running ads on Yelp but could use some expert assistance from our team, please let us know so we can help you squeeze every penny out of your Yelp advertising budget.

Not already a client?  Contact us right away, and we’ll show you how we can make Yelp work for your medical aesthetic practice.


Jennifer Kilkenny

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