When are my fans on Facebook?

when are my fans on facebookIf you follow all of the well-known social media experts, like Mashable, Social Media Examiner and Social Media Today, you know that days and times that Facebook users tend to access the popular social network changes. These averages are watched and reported on as often as possible, giving business page owners new insight into Facebook user behaviors to determine when to post on Facebook, what day and time it’s best to boost a post or advertise and more.

However, average user behavior isn’t quite enough when we’re trying to grow our businesses. That’s why Facebook gives us more information to help us determine when OUR fans are online, giving us more information about our target demographic.

This video will serve to show practice owners and office managers how to find out when your fans are likely to be online so you can reach more of your audience and grow your medical aesthetics practice more effectively using the power of social media marketing.

When are my fans on Facebook?

As you can see there are a few pros and cons to relying solely on Facebook Insights.

My.TotalSocialSolutions is what we use for our clients. It’s a platform that manages messaging, reputation monitoring, and engagement opportunities. However, it’s also a reporting system that allows us to track all of our social networks in one convenient location. What it offers up, though, is more than that. It offers the opportunity to see what days and times our fans are actually engaging with our posts through liking, commenting, sharing and clicking through.   Facebook doesn’t quite narrow it down to this detail in their insights (yet).

Additionally, you can customize your date range and narrow it down or broaden your numbers from 1-90 days in total. This gives you more control over your data and a bigger picture of how your users behave with your Facebook page.

If you’re already a client, we are already managing this data for you and using it to your advantage. If you aren’t a client and want to know that your social media marketers are leveraging this higher level of reporting, contact us for a free Facebook evaluation and quote.

Facebook Unveils All The Things at F8

From Facebook video embedding to 3D videos and advanced commenting, Facebook unveiled its plans to continue moving beyond social media to become a complete content system, much like Google.

Over the last couple of years, Facebook has unveiled numerous new tools and integrations within their site that takes it beyond its original social network capabilities.  It’s now attempting to rival YouTube as a video publishing platform and wants to facilitate all of your communications through its Messenger App, which has replaced texting and even email for its current users.

Facebook Discusses the Future of Content Sharing

As a business owner, what does this mean to you?

Facebook Videos

If you aren’t already producing videos, start doing so now.  Not only is it a powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool (providing strong back links from YouTube), it’s now the strongest content to help you reach your audience on Facebook.  If you have questions about how to do this, contact your Total Social Solutions account manager or contact one of our marketing experts for a personalized consultation.

Facebook Messenger Business

Facebook Messenger, up to this point, allows you to replace text messaging.   However, the Facebook Messenger is now being opened up to developers, called Messenger Platform, to build more apps to increase the richness of the Messenger experience. More importantly, however, is Messenger Business.

Revolutionizing E-Commerce with Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s David Marcus presented how the future of Messenger Business can look, allowing businesses to communicate with their customers even more through Facebook apps, specifically through Facebook Messenger, to bring back the personal experience and convenience via e-commerce, especially on mobile devices.  The marketing potential here is huge, as it’s possible we will soon be able to send marketing messages to customers via Messenger to personalize the Facebook engagement experience and effectively increase ROI via Facebook.  Basically, we predict you will soon be able to send Facebook messages to users who have opted in to receiving communication from you, much like you would send out your email newsletter.


Yelp, YouTube and Google Plus: Ignoring these three social networks will guarantee lost business

No matter how much internet marketing you’re doing, chances are you’re missing out on a lot more business for your practice because you’re not taking advantage of certain websites and social networks.  Why?  Because no one has explained to you the value of using these online tools.

You can get a lot doing your SEO (search engine optimization), and Facebook can be a great way to drive traffic and sales, but even being visible on the top 2 websites in the nation (Facebook and Google) may not be enough, and you can still double or triple your business if you start utilizing a few websites that your competitors aren’t using or at least aren’t using right.

Yelp, YouTube, and Google+ are some of the most powerful and underutilized social networks that can bring a tremendous amount of traffic and business to your practice.  Below, we’ll break them down to explain why they are so valuable and how you can dominate the search results for your area by using these and using them well.

Yelp Tips for Aesthetic Medical Practices

Yelp for BusinessYelp, love it or hate it, is a powerful tool for a few different reasons.

  1. Active Yelp users are ready to buy and they’re ready to buy right now.
  2. Yelp is now powering GPS inside of luxury vehicles, your primary target market (and now General Motors is even looking to integrate Yelp into GPS)
  3. Yelp powers the Apple iPhone Maps app.

Looking at just these three points, you know that:

  1. Your target market is on Yelp, and
  2. They are ready to buy!

Finally, Yelp users are some of your most important customers, no matter how much they are spending with you, because they are what are called “Brand Ambassadors.”  They willingly share their experience in your practice, driving more business to your door.

Does this mean that you HAVE to advertise on Yelp? Not necessarily, though it helps.  But many business owners won’t even claim their Yelp business page (or set one up), brand it and maintain it while driving existing clients to the page to leave reviews.  By simply nurturing this online space and paying attention to it while asking patients and customers to leave reviews and check-in, you’re already ahead of the majority of your local competition.

YouTube Video Marketing Power

You Tube Video Marketing for Plastic SurgeonsYouTube is the next underutilized social network,  and it’s likely because many people think that it it requires a lot of money or time to generate good videos. While it does take a bit of planning, good videos can generate a lot of positive SEO (search engine optimization) value, as YouTube is owned by Google and is often found in search engine results pages.  YouTube videos are also tremendous sales tools as they allow people to get to know you and your practice before ever setting foot in your practice while also showing them demonstrations of different procedures. Having a well-maintained YouTube channel gives your website incredibly strong back links as well as great educational tools you can post everywhere else online including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Best of all, not all of your videos have to be professionally filmed, cut and branded.  You can film 30 second-3 minute videos using your mobile device, a camcorder or even just using your webcam and produce a ton of useful content for your patients and potential patients.  Then, start uploading one of these videos each week, publishing all over your social media channels and your website to boost your SEO value and social media engagement.

Google+: The Misunderstood Social Network

google plusGoogle+ is under-appreciated and underutilized, largely because most people don’t understand how to use it.

Google Plus was created as a social media platform to rival Facebook; it’s for this reason that many people only see it as a social network and they fail to see the other wonderful benefits that come with having a Google+ page.

While your demographic does not necessarily use Google Plus as a social network, it’s still incredibly valuable to your business to have a well-branded Google+ presence, a verified Google+ Local listing (it’s the new Yellow Pages) and to post regularly on your Google+ page.  It gives your website tremendous value as Google favors these backlinks. Posting daily to Google+ will also help drive more traffic to your Google+ Local listing, even if potential patients are doing a simple Google search and not actively using the social network or Google maps. Finally, your Google+ page will integrate with your YouTube channel, adding even more power to your Google search results, placing you higher on the search engine results pages (SERPS).

If you need help putting together a strategy to better use Yelp, YouTube and Google+ for your aesthetic medical marketing needs, please contact Total Social Solutions for a free consultation.

Facebook rolls out another newsfeed update

Last week, Facebook announced another update to posts in the newsfeed, but this one is sure to make Facebook users very happy.

Facebook UpdatesBut let’s go back a little bit to explain how the newsfeed has worked thus far.

Way back in the earlier days of Facebook, users would see ALL posts from every friend and liked page.  But Facebook noticed that the newsfeed was getting too big to keep up with, as users had thousands of friends and tens of thousands of pages they’d liked.

In order to help users manage these posts, Facebook came up with several algorithmic changes to the newsfeed to bring content that was likely more interesting. This meant that Facebook users began to see:

  1. Most popular posts first
  2. Posts friends commented on and liked, no matter when the post was originally published
  3. Posts from friends and pages they engaged with the most

However, a problem arose with this method as well.  People began seeing really old posts at the top of their newsfeed that were suddenly liked by friends. These posts were often not timely or, in some cases, very outdated.

This latest update from Facebook promises to bring us more timely posts that are highly engaged with immediately after they are released, to bring Facebook users the most relevant information right away.

With this newsfeed update, you will more likely see breaking news posts immediately after they are published, not a day or two later as has happened in recent months.

How will this affect your Facebook page?

As this update will be rolled out slowly and will likely have a few kinks in it, Facebook simply encourages page owners to keep posted good, relevant, helpful content that resonates with your page fans.  However, timely posts will become more important.  So latest news stories, such as a new FDA approval for Botox or a new pain management option for plastic surgery patients will likely rank higher in the Facebook feed.  The team here at TSS is brainstorming now to help make sure our clients will have more of the newsworthy, timely posts in their newsfeeds, so keep an eye out for an announcement from us regarding this update to your content mix.

Read more about this update on the Facebook blog.

Famous on Facebook: How you can connect with celebrities on Facebook

Here’s a cool new update coming from Facebook:

Celebrities will get their own additional newsfeed to be able to get immediate notifications anytime their names are mentioned on Facebook.

What does this mean?

For one, it means Kim & Kanye’s phones will never stop with the notifications.  That’s going to get annoying, right?

But what it also means is that your posts about them or to them are more likely to be seen, so they can respond instantly.

What does this mean for your content?  It means you can get instant exposure via celebrity mentions and replies on Facebook.

Keep your eyes peeled for this new update and see how it might help your social media posts go viral!

Facebook’s Down: Service disruptions around the world

Facebook Down

Stop! It’s not your 3 year old laptop’s fault. It’s Facebook.

If you’ve tried accessing Facebook during the last several days, you may have noticed frequent service interruptions preventing you from accessing the popular social media site from many of your devices.

The issue is worldwide, but appears to be isolated to specific ISPs (Internet Service Providers).  This may be a rumor, although I personally noticed this issue today as I was able to access the Facebook website from our office on Ft. Apache just fine, but haven’t been able to get to it from my home office for the last 12 hours.

Twitter is a buzz with frustrated tweets ( #facebookdown ), and many are tweeting their ISPs directly to complain.  I also contacted my home ISP to find out what the trouble was.  I received the following response:

“…this is a known issue from facebook and we’re communicating with them already. Thousands of customers are affected and [ISP] is already working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience, it can be resolved in 2 to 4 hours but could be in 24 hours.  Network engineers are working hand in hand with facebook to have issue resolved as soon as possible.”

Facebook appears to be silent about the issue so far, which we can only hope means they are working diligently to restore service as soon as possible to all users.


A Note to Our interactive Marketing Clients:

If you notice a disruption in your posts, know that it could be that the connection between MyTSS (our messaging system) and Facebook has been compromised during these frequent outages.  We appreciate your patience during this technical support issue.

Is Your Social Media Marketing Firm Breaking the Law on Your Facebook Page?

co-authored by Eric Fredericksen, esg., Jake Laban MBA

Some of our clients have been vocal about the watermark that is found on a large majority of  images we use on their social spaces.

It’s not particularly wonderful feedback we’re getting from them either.  They simply do not like the watermark.

Can’t say I blame them.

We’ve been very open about why this watermark is there, and have even published a blog article detailing the reasons why.  You won’t see a lot of social media marketers using their licensed images with watermarks.  In fact, most social media marketers don’t license the images they use on their clients social spaces at all.

They outright steal them from places across the Internet.

 Posting an Image on Your Facebook Page Without Consent of the Photographer is THEFT

 We’ve discussed copyright infringement via social media on our blog before, but it’s a consistent issue, particularly in the very visual field of cosmetic surgery marketing.   Bloggers are actually being sued for using images that they don’t have permission to publish on their websites; Facebook pages are being shut down without warning because copyright holders are reporting the images.  Pinterest users have shut down their own accounts completely for fear of being sued!

When we address these copyright concerns to our clients and others in the field of aesthetic medical marketing via social media, the most common responses we hear are as follows:


“Everyone uses these images online, so it’s acceptable.”


“So many other pages and businesses are doing it, and they haven’t been shut down or sued, so why should I worry?”


“If the copyright holder shows up and complains, I’ll just take it down and apologize.  No harm done.”


In reality, there’s plenty of harm done to your reputation, your business assets, and the online spaces you’ve worked so hard to build up and utilize.

 All of that can be tarnished with a single complaint of copyright infringement.

What’s worse is that you may not even know that your business is doing this, because you’ve put your faith and trust in a “professional” who isn’t properly licensing images for your business.

One such example is SomeEcards, the popular ironic and sarcastic e-cards that are distributed via email and social media.  The problem is that many will upload these images to their Facebook pages, even though it specifically says in their Terms of Service that this is prohibited:

“Someecards User will not use this service to create advertising, promote a product, brand, Web site, social media program, or Facebook fan page. Someecards are for personal use only, and can not be taken off the site. Only the social networking buttons on the site can be used to share the content.”

 “Only the social networking buttons on the site can be used to share content.”  That means you cannot download the image and then reupload to your Facebook photo album.  You have to click the Facebook “share” button, which will share the link to the webpage where the e-card is located.  Otherwise, you are violating the intellectual property (I.P.) rights of the owners of SomeEcards.  Other large originators of visual online content, notable Getty Images, are aggressively defending their I.P. against this exact type of theft by small business owners.  We here at TSS have even had our own I.P. stolen and improperly posted for another company’s commercial benefit; and we too, vigorously defend our I.P.

It would be like Dr. McGillicutty FACS down the street taking your Before & After photos and publishing them on his own Facebook page.  Even if there was a small attribution to you on the image, he/she still stole the image and can be held legally liable for copyright infringement.


Copyright Myths Revealed

Myth:  If you use an image, but source the owner with an image credit and a link, then it’s not copyright infringement.

Fact:  Unless you received permission from the owner of the image, your publication of that image is copyright infringement and is punishable by law.


Myth:  If a copyright holder contacts you about an image requesting its immediate removal, as long as you comply, there are no further legal actions.

Fact:  The copyright holder can still sue you for thousands of dollars even after you comply with removing the image.


Image Licensing by TSS

While we license our images from a specific online stock image website, those images are licensed to us and not our clients.  Because we hold the license, we may publish the images on our clients’ social spaces on their behalf so long as they contain a watermark somewhere on the image.  Furthermore, once the client is no longer a client anymore, they must immediately remove all images licensed to Total Social Solutions, or they could be liable for copyright infringement by the original creator of the image.

This is why we have the watermark on our photos, to protect your business from lawsuits and the removal of your communities from social networks like Facebook and Pinterest.  We’ve worked hard with you and for you to grow these communities so that they are true assets to your business, and we don’t want legal issues to affect those communities or bring potential lawsuits to your doors.

Making sure your audience sees your posts

Make sure people see your social media posts

Do your fans and followers actually see your posts?

Let’s remember the ultimate goal as we build out our social media audiences: building loyal communities that will buy more product and services, refer more new clients, and resist the temptation to buy from other vendors.

In order to encourage people to buy more products and services, it’s important to know the right way to reach our audience on each social media platform. They have to hear what we’re saying, right?

This article will focus on maximizing impressions for our messaging, particularly impressions for our promotional posts.  Each social media platform requires different standards and best practices to maximize these impressions.

Facebook, for example, allocates impressions for your posts based on your EdgeRank. Facebook essentially assigns a ranking to your posts based on:


  • past posts
  • your page’s history
  • the content of your posts
  • and how people engage with your post during its first several impressions.


You can see this in action yourself; a post with a lot of engagement (say, a funny picture) will be very visible on Facebook, where an unexciting post (e.g. a short status update with no link or picture) will often go ignored.

Twitter, on the other hand, displays every post to every follower. The challenge on this medium is to make sure that your post gets seen before it gets ‘pushed down’ in the feed by other posts.

Other networks carry with them different idiosyncrasies. Yelp and YouTube tend to be very search-based and carry strategies similar to SEO, and FourSquare is not search-based at all… promotions tend to get seen if and only if clients are already onsite.

The table below captures some best practices we’re using to make our promotions stick.  Please contact your account manager if you have questions about how we can better use your social networks to build your audience.

Best practices
FacebookUse images
Write compelling copy (keywords, images, humor)
Request for shares
Promote posts for inexpensive impressions
Don’t spam (this includes overpromoting or posting more than 3 times/day)
Request retweets (RT)
More frequent posts (e.g. 3x Facebook)
Don’t spam (this includes too many or unrelated hashtags, or multiple identical posts)
Monitor your audience
YelpRequest checkins
Tastefully encourage reviews (contact your campaign manager for details)
Respond to negative reviews appropriatelyReview filtering

Respond to positive reviews

FoursquareMarket onsite
Rewards for frequent checkins
Request shares
YouTubeUse keywordsTitles should be descriptive and SEO friendly
PinterestHashtagsBe careful about copyright


If you’re not already a client, then contact us and we’ll talk to you about how we can maximize the effectiveness of your promotions.

6 effective tips for running a great social media promotion

How to use social media to grow your business - running promotions.At Total Social Solutions, we pride ourselves on doing a fantastic job in-house in running social media promotions for our clients.  At the same time, we strongly believe that an educated client is a strong business partner. As such, we wanted to share a few tips that will help you build and run your own effective promotions:


  1. Call to action:  Make sure that it is abundantly clear what you’re asking your audience to do.  Whenever possible, make it EASY by providing the link or phone number, right there.
  2. Be brief, be bright, be gone:  Most social media platforms reward people who are succinct and get to the point. Take note and make sure you get your point across quickly.
  3. Spell out the benefits:  Make sure your audience knows what they’re getting.  Remember, using dollar amounts (“save $100”) is more effective than percentages (“save 25%”).  If your product has obscure benefits, make sure you spell them out (“Latisse will make your lashes look beautiful!”).
  4. Know your platform:  Posting on Facebook is conducive to images.  Best practices on Twitter involve using #hashtags in order to promote virality.  Make sure you’re using each platform correctly.
  5. Ask your audience to help:  Don’t forget to ask for a share, retweet, or a +1 on your posts.  That will help promote the reach of your promotion.
  6. Use the right tools:  Consider using the paid-for tools in order to ensure the reach of your posts. Sometimes a very small investment (e.g. $5 for a promoted post on Facebook) can have huge effects on how many people see your posts.

Making sure you follow these rules and you’ll be able to make the phones ring with the click of a button… which is what this is all about.


Lady Gaga’s New Social Network is Just Good Business

What could you possibly want after becoming one of the most famous musicians on the planet with a rabid fan-base and the #1 Twitter following in the world?

Your own social network, of course!

Lady Gaga’s LittleMonsters.com officially opened to anyone and everyone on July 10th; an inspired cross between Pinterest and Facebook, with a few Reddit qualities, lured in fans the world over to post their Gaga inspired artwork, photos, memes, blog posts and news articles while also connecting with other “Little Monsters” (the pet-name Lady Gaga has given to all of her fans) in the local area and worldwide.

We joined LittleMonsters.com through a Facebook login, but new members may also join using Twitter or create a new login using their e-mail addresses, giving them instant access to all things Lady Gaga, including:

  • Lady Gaga in the news;
  • Resources on Gaga’s pet projects (anti-bullying, LGBT rights, etc…);
  • Exclusive fans-only chatrooms; and
  • Event boards for concerts, where members may RSVP, purchase tickets online and connect with other fans in attendance.

What’s the Point?

Unless you’re a Little Monster, you may not understand the benefit of a celebrity social media site. Is the focus too narrow? What will be the measure of success for LittleMonsters.com? Will it be member growth, ticket sales, engagement, or something else entirely?

At the heart of the matter is Lady Gaga’s understanding of what we believe at Total Social Solutions about the importance of community building around your brand. Social media is that place to build a hungry audience of fans, clients, patients and potential customers who love you and what you offer. In other words, they are your brand’s own “Little Monsters,” turning your social network into a permanent, cash-flow positive business asset. Since this community drives recurring revenue for your business, it may be one of the most important assets you own.

In Gaga’s case, however, she’s so famous she’s infamous. With the most followers of any Twitter profile on record, approximately 53 million Facebook fans from every country around the world and hundreds of millions of dollars in record sales, she had the fan-base to begin her own social network dedicated to her fans and the causes important to them.

In essence, the social network is the next step in the growth of the Gaga brand. She took control of her social following and created her own branded network of fans, forever changing the future of celebrity branding and merchandising.

Lady Gaga’s move into social media shows that she cares for her fans and wants to offer them more. It’s apparent she has great business sense and intends to remain relevant with the fast-changing information age.

This is similar to what we offer our clients here at Total Social Solutions. While starting your own social network is likely more than you would need, our team is dedicated to turning your brand or practice into an online community of “Little Monsters” who are hungry for your message and excited to share it with their friends.

Won’t you join us?

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