6 Reasons You Aren’t Making Money on Social Media

Whether you’re using social media as part of your aesthetic medical marketing strategy or not, chances are you haven’t been able to see real ROI (Return on Investment) from social media marketing.  In the video below, we discuss 6 common reasons why medical aesthetic practices aren’t making any money from social media, and how Total […]

Is Your Social Media Marketing Firm Breaking the Law on Your Facebook Page?

co-authored by Eric Fredericksen, esg., Jake Laban MBA Some of our clients have been vocal about the watermark that is found on a large majority of  images we use on their social spaces. It’s not particularly wonderful feedback we’re getting from them either.  They simply do not like the watermark. Can’t say I blame them. […]

SEO and Social are finally, clearly intertwined (and converging)

People are constantly changing the way that they are using the internet. In 2010, when Facebook was only a couple of years old (but had definitively vanquished MySpace), search and SEO strategies were focused on a ‘publish or perish’ paradigm. Website owners were rewarded for prodigious content production and article marketing with high search rankings. […]

6 effective tips for running a great social media promotion

At Total Social Solutions, we pride ourselves on doing a fantastic job in-house in running social media promotions for our clients.  At the same time, we strongly believe that an educated client is a strong business partner. As such, we wanted to share a few tips that will help you build and run your own […]

Why social media is the new SEO… the future of search is social.

Months ago, Total Social Solutions published this article about the advent of Google’s new ‘Search Plus Your World’ default search platform. This was the first move by a major search engine to incorporate social media into traditional search results. Google has repeatedly stated the integration of social and search will deliver more relevant search results […]

Value of a facebook fan (or any social media follower) vs. email

So you’ve collected your customers’ emails. Great work! But think about the limits of email. Email is a 40 year old platform. Many organizations (and some large corporations) are doing away with email. In its place, they’re using instant messaging and social media messaging platforms. Wonder why? Well, for the answer, let’s look at why […]

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