Twitter Trending News: New Character Limits

Twitter trending news right now:

Twitter announced that their 140 character limit has been nixed and replaced with a double trouble 280 character limit.

twitter trending news increased character limits

The 140 character limit has been in place since Twitter was first launched in 2006; it has been a source of stress for some internet marketers who have a difficult time narrowing their message down to 140 characters plus hashtags.

The last major posting change from Twitter was when they decided that attached images would no longer count toward character limits. This allowed all users to use their full 140 characters plus attach a photograph, video, or animated gif.

So what does this new character limit mean for you? While it’s still important to remain succinct in your tweets, you have a little more wiggle room to improve your calls-to-action. However, we still recommend that you:

  1. Use URL shorteners like whenever possible to avoid character waste
  2. Keep hashtag use to a minimum to avoid looking spammy

That’s it!

Is Twitter Really Useful for Aesthetic Medical Practices?

Twitter has always been a question mark for medical aesthetics practices trying to decide which social channels are most important. Do we offer Twitter marketing to our clients? Yes. Is it our focus or priority? No.

Several years ago, the target demographic wasn’t even on Twitter. Today, they are, but they prefer to connect with our clients on more visual networks like Facebook and Instagram. Finally, Twitter is now politically saturated with Trump updates, the Russian investigation, fake news, and bot drama.

So while we recommend that you keep tweeting and growing your Twitter audience, we also recommend that you focus primarily on Facebook and Instagram. However, you may find the following opportunities on Twitter very helpful in growing your following, reach, and engagement:

  1. Award Shows: When celebrities hit the red carpet, you should hit Twitter for a live tweet session. Be ready with facts about what kinds of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments these celebrities have publicly said they love. Use the Twitter trending hashtags for the event and other useful hashtags to help your tweets get more visibility. Retweet others who are commenting on how the celebrities look. There’s always at least one tweet about how celebrities age backwards; reply to them!
  2. Reality TV Shows: If you know that a reality show will feature a procedure you offer in your practice, you may want to live tweet during the episode. An example could be when the Real Housewives go and try a skin tightening treatment or a new specialty facial. If you can’t live tweet, be sure to schedule tweets ahead of time using the show’s official hashtags.
  3. Talk Shows: Talk shows get a lot of attention on Twitter as they are also often political. However, many of these shows, like The View, also feature non-surgical cosmetic treatments that are new and popular. If you get the heads up from your vendor representative, you can live tweet during the show or schedule tweets ahead of time to mention how you offer this treatment in your practice. Just like with Reality TV, be sure to use the show’s official hashtags.
  4. Articles About Politicians and Plastic Surgery: This is a big one right now, as Twitter trending topics are almost always about politics since the 2016 elections. Articles will often pop up talking about politicians getting plastic surgery. This could be an opportunity for you to hit the Twitter trending political topics to get some recognition for your practice. Even better, you can easily tweet a news article out daily for 1-2 weeks for additional reach and retweets. If you have time, write a quick blog article about it with a link to the original source. This way, you can get Twitter clicks that go to your own website.

Have Questions About Twitter Trending Topics and the New Character Limits?

Contact us to learn how we can help you improve your social media marketing strategies for your practice.

Yelp, YouTube and Google Plus: Ignoring these three social networks will guarantee lost business

No matter how much internet marketing you’re doing, chances are you’re missing out on a lot more business for your practice because you’re not taking advantage of certain websites and social networks.  Why?  Because no one has explained to you the value of using these online tools.

You can get a lot doing your SEO (search engine optimization), and Facebook can be a great way to drive traffic and sales, but even being visible on the top 2 websites in the nation (Facebook and Google) may not be enough, and you can still double or triple your business if you start utilizing a few websites that your competitors aren’t using or at least aren’t using right.

Yelp, YouTube, and Google+ are some of the most powerful and underutilized social networks that can bring a tremendous amount of traffic and business to your practice.  Below, we’ll break them down to explain why they are so valuable and how you can dominate the search results for your area by using these and using them well.

Yelp Tips for Aesthetic Medical Practices

Yelp for BusinessYelp, love it or hate it, is a powerful tool for a few different reasons.

  1. Active Yelp users are ready to buy and they’re ready to buy right now.
  2. Yelp is now powering GPS inside of luxury vehicles, your primary target market (and now General Motors is even looking to integrate Yelp into GPS)
  3. Yelp powers the Apple iPhone Maps app.

Looking at just these three points, you know that:

  1. Your target market is on Yelp, and
  2. They are ready to buy!

Finally, Yelp users are some of your most important customers, no matter how much they are spending with you, because they are what are called “Brand Ambassadors.”  They willingly share their experience in your practice, driving more business to your door.

Does this mean that you HAVE to advertise on Yelp? Not necessarily, though it helps.  But many business owners won’t even claim their Yelp business page (or set one up), brand it and maintain it while driving existing clients to the page to leave reviews.  By simply nurturing this online space and paying attention to it while asking patients and customers to leave reviews and check-in, you’re already ahead of the majority of your local competition.

YouTube Video Marketing Power

You Tube Video Marketing for Plastic SurgeonsYouTube is the next underutilized social network,  and it’s likely because many people think that it it requires a lot of money or time to generate good videos. While it does take a bit of planning, good videos can generate a lot of positive SEO (search engine optimization) value, as YouTube is owned by Google and is often found in search engine results pages.  YouTube videos are also tremendous sales tools as they allow people to get to know you and your practice before ever setting foot in your practice while also showing them demonstrations of different procedures. Having a well-maintained YouTube channel gives your website incredibly strong back links as well as great educational tools you can post everywhere else online including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Best of all, not all of your videos have to be professionally filmed, cut and branded.  You can film 30 second-3 minute videos using your mobile device, a camcorder or even just using your webcam and produce a ton of useful content for your patients and potential patients.  Then, start uploading one of these videos each week, publishing all over your social media channels and your website to boost your SEO value and social media engagement.

Google+: The Misunderstood Social Network

google plusGoogle+ is under-appreciated and underutilized, largely because most people don’t understand how to use it.

Google Plus was created as a social media platform to rival Facebook; it’s for this reason that many people only see it as a social network and they fail to see the other wonderful benefits that come with having a Google+ page.

While your demographic does not necessarily use Google Plus as a social network, it’s still incredibly valuable to your business to have a well-branded Google+ presence, a verified Google+ Local listing (it’s the new Yellow Pages) and to post regularly on your Google+ page.  It gives your website tremendous value as Google favors these backlinks. Posting daily to Google+ will also help drive more traffic to your Google+ Local listing, even if potential patients are doing a simple Google search and not actively using the social network or Google maps. Finally, your Google+ page will integrate with your YouTube channel, adding even more power to your Google search results, placing you higher on the search engine results pages (SERPS).

If you need help putting together a strategy to better use Yelp, YouTube and Google+ for your aesthetic medical marketing needs, please contact Total Social Solutions for a free consultation.

SEO and Social are finally, clearly intertwined (and converging)

People are constantly changing the way that they are using the internet. In 2010, when Facebook was only a couple of years old (but had definitively vanquished MySpace), search and SEO strategies were focused on a ‘publish or perish’ paradigm. Website owners were rewarded for prodigious content production and article marketing with high search rankings.


SEO is joining Social Media for the ultimate Internet connectivity platform

At the time social media had very little to do with search, or with a business’ digital marketing strategy. Social media was a place for a rare few businesses and was largely occupied by individuals (most of them playing Farmville and Mafia Wars, you may recall).

Today, social and SEO are slowly growing closer together. When your clients are looking for an injector, they are likely to ask their friends on Twitter or check out Yelp. Many consumers find search rankings on Google to be a less reliable indicator for a reliable business than crowd-sourced opinion.

The search world has a new player in Facebook.  Facebook’s Graph Search now allows users to enter human language searches (like ‘spas my friends like’) to extract answers from the Facebook network.  If this catches on when it emerges to production, it will represent a massive change to how people select service providers.

As these two mediums converge, we start to see that success in social media together with success in SEO comprise your overall comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The best businesses can, and should, be successful in both.

This has changed our blogging strategy as well.  Initially our team offered syndicated blog content to be placed on client blogs, for the purpose of broadcast on social media. Our clients benefited through using a large amount of informational blog content at a very low price, with more backlinks to social media. As the year passed, and as Google evolved its search algorithm, we learned that we can offer even more value to our clients with a far smaller quantity of exclusive blog articles. We have switched our packages to support a more holistic view of the SEO/Social relationship by giving clients the OPTION of a higher quantity of syndicated content, or original and unique blog content. This has led to much better partnerships between our team and our partners’ SEO firms. In addition, we’ve made available to our clients the option of purchasing original, unique, and custom blog articles to assist their overall digital marketing goals.

In 2013 we’ll continue to see a convergence between search and social.  Your SEO vendors will continue to try to figure out social media by applying SEO principles to social.  In the meantime, here at TSS we are going to continue to focus on delivering metrics that show how social is delivering business to you.

Please contact us if you need help with your blogging and SEO strategy.

Making sure your audience sees your posts

Make sure people see your social media posts

Do your fans and followers actually see your posts?

Let’s remember the ultimate goal as we build out our social media audiences: building loyal communities that will buy more product and services, refer more new clients, and resist the temptation to buy from other vendors.

In order to encourage people to buy more products and services, it’s important to know the right way to reach our audience on each social media platform. They have to hear what we’re saying, right?

This article will focus on maximizing impressions for our messaging, particularly impressions for our promotional posts.  Each social media platform requires different standards and best practices to maximize these impressions.

Facebook, for example, allocates impressions for your posts based on your EdgeRank. Facebook essentially assigns a ranking to your posts based on:


  • past posts
  • your page’s history
  • the content of your posts
  • and how people engage with your post during its first several impressions.


You can see this in action yourself; a post with a lot of engagement (say, a funny picture) will be very visible on Facebook, where an unexciting post (e.g. a short status update with no link or picture) will often go ignored.

Twitter, on the other hand, displays every post to every follower. The challenge on this medium is to make sure that your post gets seen before it gets ‘pushed down’ in the feed by other posts.

Other networks carry with them different idiosyncrasies. Yelp and YouTube tend to be very search-based and carry strategies similar to SEO, and FourSquare is not search-based at all… promotions tend to get seen if and only if clients are already onsite.

The table below captures some best practices we’re using to make our promotions stick.  Please contact your account manager if you have questions about how we can better use your social networks to build your audience.

Best practices
FacebookUse images
Write compelling copy (keywords, images, humor)
Request for shares
Promote posts for inexpensive impressions
Don’t spam (this includes overpromoting or posting more than 3 times/day)
Request retweets (RT)
More frequent posts (e.g. 3x Facebook)
Don’t spam (this includes too many or unrelated hashtags, or multiple identical posts)
Monitor your audience
YelpRequest checkins
Tastefully encourage reviews (contact your campaign manager for details)
Respond to negative reviews appropriatelyReview filtering

Respond to positive reviews

FoursquareMarket onsite
Rewards for frequent checkins
Request shares
YouTubeUse keywordsTitles should be descriptive and SEO friendly
PinterestHashtagsBe careful about copyright


If you’re not already a client, then contact us and we’ll talk to you about how we can maximize the effectiveness of your promotions.

6 effective tips for running a great social media promotion

How to use social media to grow your business - running promotions.At Total Social Solutions, we pride ourselves on doing a fantastic job in-house in running social media promotions for our clients.  At the same time, we strongly believe that an educated client is a strong business partner. As such, we wanted to share a few tips that will help you build and run your own effective promotions:


  1. Call to action:  Make sure that it is abundantly clear what you’re asking your audience to do.  Whenever possible, make it EASY by providing the link or phone number, right there.
  2. Be brief, be bright, be gone:  Most social media platforms reward people who are succinct and get to the point. Take note and make sure you get your point across quickly.
  3. Spell out the benefits:  Make sure your audience knows what they’re getting.  Remember, using dollar amounts (“save $100”) is more effective than percentages (“save 25%”).  If your product has obscure benefits, make sure you spell them out (“Latisse will make your lashes look beautiful!”).
  4. Know your platform:  Posting on Facebook is conducive to images.  Best practices on Twitter involve using #hashtags in order to promote virality.  Make sure you’re using each platform correctly.
  5. Ask your audience to help:  Don’t forget to ask for a share, retweet, or a +1 on your posts.  That will help promote the reach of your promotion.
  6. Use the right tools:  Consider using the paid-for tools in order to ensure the reach of your posts. Sometimes a very small investment (e.g. $5 for a promoted post on Facebook) can have huge effects on how many people see your posts.

Making sure you follow these rules and you’ll be able to make the phones ring with the click of a button… which is what this is all about.


When is the best time to post content?

Here at TSS, we are managing a large number of brands throughout the medical field, and these brands are scattered throughout the US. We work with small clinics, large multi-provider practices, and some aesthetic brands.

Now, this is not to brag, but to lay the groundwork that we have a rather unique perspective on the medical marketplace in social media.  This is important when we are asked…

When is the best time to post on social media?

When is the best time to post content on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+?

We here at TSS headquarters are working hard pulling together our own proprietary database that will be available exclusively to TSS clients (and for their benefit).  As we work on that, we came across this great piece that answers this question while looking at the broader marketplace.“When is the best time to post content?”

Some key takeaways:

  • Most sharing on Facebook is done on Saturday
  • Best time to tweet is at 5PM
  • If you have a national brand…80% of your target customers are in the Eastern and Central time zone, so plan your content appropriately.

Have more questions about your program? Contact your TSS Account Coordinator, we are here to help!

Social Media & the Beauty Industry: How do Twitter, Facebook and YouTube drive business?

Some of the most popular topics among women using social media are issues related to health, wellness, beauty & fashion.

This is why national beauty brands, fashion designers, medical spas, cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists are flocking to social media to market themselves.

First rule of successfully running any business is to be where your customers are.

Your customers are on social media, as demonstrated in this infographic.

Social Media & Beauty

Let’s Get Connected!