Our Google Analytics Reporting Explained

Marketing strategies can be a lot of fun to play around with, but they don’t mean much without data analysis and reporting.  That’s why we offer several KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for our clients to determine if their campaigns and marketing strategies are successful. If you’re a current website or SEO client, this article is designed […]

You Need Mobile Responsive Email Marketing! Here’s why:

When I read in Website Magazine‘s August 2014 article discussing how only 1% of email marketers are using mobile responsive designs in their emails exclusively, I was shocked. Aren’t we all glued to our mobile devices 24/7? Don’t we all check our emails, social media, and text every free moment we have? If we all […]

Jennifer Kilkenny of Total Social Solutions Announces ROI Program for Social Media Marketers in Las Vegas

It’s been an exciting week here at Total Social Solutions, as our Operations Manager was interviewed by the locally famous Downtown Podcast in Downtown Las Vegas, discussing our unique ROI (Return on Investment) system for internet marketing. In the audience was Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, and Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress (which this site […]

Every Facebook "Like" Provides Food for Starving Children

How much is a Facebook post “like” worth?  What about comments and shares? In order to attract more traffic to their pages, many admins will posts messages encouraging fans to Like, Comment & Share to help a sick child, a starving family, a disabled veteran, an abused dog… They aren’t asking for prayers, and they […]

TSS Co-Founder Jake Laban Presents at the Aesthetic Extender Symposium

As a social & interactive marketing agency dedicated to the field of medical aesthetics, we are often asked to speak at numerous medical aesthetic conferences across the country. Our latest appearance was by TSS Co-Founder, Jake Laban at the Aesthetic Extender Symposium in Boca Raton, FL as he explained how social & interactive marketing SHOULD […]

"Looking Good on Social Media" cited as a reason for uptick in Cosmetic Surgery business

Photo sharing, LinkedIn profiles, and social media in general are fueling a larger need to look better once only reserved for celebrities frequently on television and in movies. Now that we’re all essentially in the spotlight on our social media profiles, 27/7/365, looking our best is becoming more and more important.  This is especially seen […]

No BS ROI through Social Media Marketing

Facebook likes and Twitter followers don’t pay the bills. It seems absurd to even have to say this.  It seems obvious when you look at it that way, right?  However, many business owners seem to think that this is what drives success. Why?  Because many social media marketers have convinced their clients that measurable success […]

Improvements to Total Social Solutions in 2012

This will be our last past-focused post for about 12 months, but we made a ton of changes in 2012. Every time we make a change, it is done with an eye to improving the measurable ROI that we deliver to our clients. We go forward with changing your service only if we think it […]

How YOU can get a 5x ROI with Facebook paid offers

Huge news came out a couple of weeks ago. Facebook announced that they are now charging businesses to run Facebook Offers. We can infer several things from this announcement: Facebook believes that they are delivering real value with these offers (i.e. “they work!”).  This anecdote about The Aria Casino reports a ~500% ROI on their Offer […]

Total Social Solutions introduces call analytics

Every marketing campaign justifies its existence by delivering business. How do we know when we’re delivering business, you ask?  My favorite response from a customer is “I know things are working because I can make the phones ring.” …so we set out to measure just that. Great news: our clients are now eligible to use […]

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